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日本賞 Japan Prize

日本賞 Japan Prize Japan Prize is an international contest dedicated solely to educational content. Since its establishment in 1965, the contest has supported the power of the media by awarding outstanding works that expand the possibilities of education. Every year, more than 300 entries are submitted, with a view to winning a prize: the Best Works in 5 Divisions, Special Prizes, the Best and Excellent Proposals, and above all, the Grand Prix Japan Prize. Amid today’s dramatic social changes, the human life cycle inevitably changes, thus bringing about changes in the style of education and learning. It is the mission of the Japan Prize to acknowledge these nuanced changes, advance the quality of educational content around the world and contribute to the promotion of better international understanding. Involving producers and researchers from all over the world and all the people who have an interest in education, the Japan Prize continues to move forward.日本賞