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Sex Unlimited Potency: Premium Economy by Anna Uddenberg セックス・アンリミテッド・ポテンシー:プレミアム・エコノミー by アンナ・ウッデンバーグ

Anna Uddenberg "Premium Economy" 2023-2024 @ Art Basel Unlimited 2024
Anna Uddenberg "Premium Economy" 2023-2024 @ Art Basel Unlimited 2024

Unlimited Potential.
ART BASEL with Unlimited Potential.
Fasten your seatbelts in Anna Uddenberg’s Premium Economy Class, please.


It’s not First, neither Business.
It’s the economy, stupid.
Premium points for each cool IG & TikTok fake take.

Anna Uddenberg Premium Economy_2

Thank Godness, Uddenberg chose competent, professional performers for her installation work “Premium Economy” (2023-2024), namely:
Sally von Rosen
Madalina (mmadalinammadalina)
Dafni Krazoudi
Artist Anna Uddenberg
Bravissimi! Absolutely convincing, hypnotising, fascinating performative practices!
You could feel how they enjoyed to seduce us. You taught us becoming obedient to the Premium Economy of this century!
Thx a lot, one more whiplash please!


Uddenberg’s simulacra as secret of sacred lust. Antiseptic artistic practice through tango-esque devotion in Premium Cabins.

Anna Uddenberg Premium Economy_4
Anna Uddenberg Premium Economy_5

Cool flight attendants or hotel concierges dressed in tailored skirt suits, black, sexy high heels, black nylon stockings and slicked buns. Chosen liberated post-post feminism with self-controlling vulnerability. My demanding gaze towards the three female performers were noticed, evaluated, accepted and feed-backed. The more I followed them with my eyes, the more they put themselves into the center of ‘Mario’s Zone‘, my perspective, ignoring the rest of the audience.

Anna Uddenberg Premium Economy_6
Anna Uddenberg Premium Economy_7

Sally, Madalina and Dafni controlled the viewers’ flow, consciously selecting perplexed persons. Precarious post-semi-fascistoide command postures by stoic women in our actual world of misery of humanity with two ongoing wars, made by and for stupid people.
The erotic sizzle between the three women and me, the ban on approaching, the cool sternness in their faces, all contributed to elevating this performance into the realm of a masterpiece.

Anna Uddenberg Premium Economy_8
Anna Uddenberg Premium Economy_9
Anna Uddenberg Premium Economy_10

The installed sculptures fused associations ranging from gynecological examination chairs and ergonomic workout machines, to alien spaceship travel. Their slick design and airline-style seatbelts are recognisable, but any attempt to decode their matrix-practicality is repeatedly foiled.

Anna Uddenberg Premium Economy_11
Anna Uddenberg Premium Economy_12

This is why I love my peers in contemporary art. Purposely purposeless. Uddenberg’s quasi-functionality of sculptures puts you in the sphere of confusion, absurd philosophical thinking. Finger pointing towards young capitalist, wanna-have-fun-women on TikTok or IG enjoying their digitalised “fuck-you-authentic-self” in front of the not-so-social, but materialistic consumers.
Transcending a kind of postapocalyptic androgynous, non-binary social and gender liberation, the three women imaginative realms of passionate, arousal vibrations and the manifestation of a slutty self-control stand for the embodiment of the unapproachable, spiritual, lascivious donna, l’anima femminile essenziale.


Consequently, the effect of estrogen on certain muscle tones, trigger off the possibilities in sexual arousal, erotic stimuli in me, not only because I’m a male artist but a hip-fetishist, too. Imagining the pleasure of a ritualised aesthetic check including sex in the backstage. Obviously, it’s just a matter of perception.
Fasten your seatbelts. Let’s enjoy some Sex in Premium Cabins.
Put on your leather gloves, mount the hip-pelvis-bones-devise, get you belted, trust your bondage-domina, let it fly.
Clear Business Development Sales and Marketing, aka BDSM-suggestive positions with expressionless faces, open-up for some sophisticated Japanese-role-play-cose-play over the sky. Sensory, neurodivergent transcendence in rehearsed rituals of nipple-hip-fetishism, in which flawlessness and coolness support fictional gender neutral objectification.

Anna Uddenberg Premium Economy 2023-2024 @ Art Basel Unlimited 2024, detail
Anna Uddenberg “Premium Economy” 2023-2024 @ Art Basel Unlimited 2024, detail
Anna Uddenberg

Erotic finesse, sophisticated acting via a complex cognitive process, truly adoring performing artists who characterised ELEGANCE with a delicate, vulnerable appearance.

Basel-Tokyo 24th of June, 2024
Mario A 😎

Anna Uddenberg Premium Economy 2023-2024 @ Art Basel Unlimited 2024
Anna Uddenberg “Premium Economy” 2023-2024 @ Art Basel Unlimited 2024
Art Basel Unlimited 2024
Art Basel Unlimited 2024
My Potential, 1/4 of a century ago
Unlimited Potential
Unlimited Potential