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マウリツィオ・カテラン @ ガゴシアン NY 2024 Maurizio Cattelan @ Gagosian New York 2024

マウリツィオ・カテラン Maurizio Cattelan "November" (2024)
マウリツィオ・カテラン Maurizio Cattelan "November" (2024)

Caro Maurizio,
You did it again.
Mi raccomando… fai il bravo

マウリツィオ・カテラン Maurizio Cattelan November (2024) @ Gagosian
マウリツィオ・カテラン Maurizio Cattelan “November” (2024) @ Gagosian
マウリツィオ・カテラン Maurizio Cattelan Sunday (2024)
マウリツィオ・カテラン Maurizio Cattelan “Sunday” (2024)

The wall is composed of 64 individual steel panels which have been plated in 24-karat gold and modified—to use the artist and the curator’s preferred verb—by gunfire.
Instead of creating a monumental piece in Sunday, Gagosian is selling the panels individually. Each panel is a little more than 4 feet by 4 feet, a good “domestic” size for collectors to live with. You can easily see one of the panels hanging in an expensive house denuded of its religious effect, its social critique reduced to cocktail chatter. The asking price is $375,000 per panel, making what’s on the wall at Gagosian right now a $24 million work (addition panels may be created). But it will be sold in pieces to make the work more easily displayed and owned. Early reports suggest the panels have been selling well.

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Caro Maurizio, you did it again
…fai il bravo

現代美術コレクター、兼オークションハウス・クリスティーズ社長フランソワ・ピノー氏のコレクション展 in モナコ公国
Contemporary Art Collector, Christie’s Auction House Owner François Pinault Shows His Collection In The Principality of Monacoピノー・コレクション/

Yusaku Maezawa today’s Twitter posting “Art is liberty.”

大注目を浴びた池田亮司 (アーティストたちによって裸にされたアート・バーゼル、さえも*) 2021年度
IKEDA Ryoji attracted considerable attention (ART BASEL Stripped Bare by Her Artists, Even*) 2021 version

世界一のアートディーラー、New York City ラリー・ガゴシアンを巡って
World’s No.1 Art Dealer, Larry Gagosian from New York City

Extremely boring, pretentious, outdated works by “American Artist” Cady Noland @ GAGOSIAN GALLERY Park & 75, New York City, “AMERICA” キャディ・ノーランド

アーティ・パワープレイ:画家アンナ・ウェイアント (27) とラリー・ガゴシアン (77) の「交際中」
Arty Power-Play: Painter Anna Weyant (27) “is dating” Larry Gagosian (77)

日本のアート界を駄目にした男? 不幸な村上隆、、、
The Man Who Ruined The Japanese Art World? An Unhappy MURAKAMI Takashi…

Maurizio Cattelan
Maurizio Cattelan (July 2021)

“We are completely immersed in violence every day, and we’ve gotten used to it. The repetition has made us accept violence as inevitable.”
Maurizio Cattelan, April 2024