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藤田の恋人・マドレーヌ Foujita’s lover Madeleine Lequeux

Madeleine Lequeux (Mady Dormans = Book “Les Confidences de Youki” 1957/1999), muse and partner of Foujita from 1931 until her obscure death 1936 in Tokyo. During Foujita – Madeleine’s partnership, 1935 Foujita started a sexual relationship with ‘waitress’ Kimiyo Horiuchi (新橋の料亭のお運びさんだった水戸出身の堀内君代), who then became his publicly known mistress 妾(お妾長屋)/ 二号さん(二号さん長屋). The fight between Kimiyo and Madeleine ended in Madeleine’s obscure death in 1936.