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久保田成子 KUBOTA Shigeko

久保田 成子(くぼた しげこ、1937年8月2日 – 2015年7月23日)は、新潟県出身でニューヨークを拠点に活動した美術家・映像作家である。映像と彫刻を組み合わせた「ヴィデオ彫刻」の先駆的な存在として国際的に評価された。夫は同じ美術家のナム・ジュン・パイク。 …… 非常に優れている企画展「Viva Video! 久保田成子展」@ MOT! (現代の最高の日本人アーティストである長島有里枝さんは久保田成子の正統な後継者) Shigeko Kubota (久保田 成子, Kubota Shigeko) (2 August 1937 – 23 July 2015) was a Japanese video artist, sculptor and avant-garde performance artist, who mostly lived in New York City. She was one of the first artists to adopt the portable video camera Sony Portapak in 1970. Kubota is known for constructing sculptural installations with a strong DIY aesthetic, which include sculptures with embedded monitors playing her original videos. She was a key member and influence on Fluxus, the international group of avant-garde artists centered on George Maciunas, having been involved with the group since witnessing John Cage perform in Tokyo in 1962 and subsequently moving to New York in 1964. She was closely associated with George Brecht, Jackson Mac Low, John Cage, Joe Jones, Nam June Paik, and Ay-O, other members of Fluxus. Kubota was deemed “Vice Chairman” of the Fluxus Organization by Maciunas.久保田成子