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ムグラビ・ファミリー・アートコレクション Mugrabi family art collection

The Mugrabi collection was started in the 1980s by David’s father, Jose Mugrabi. David’s brother, Alberto “Tico” Mugrabi, who married fashion blogger Colby Jordan two years ago, is also a prominent art dealer. Their holdings are known to feature the likes of Pablo Picasso, Auguste Rodin, Damien Hirst, George Condo, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Jeff Koons, as well as the world’s foremost collection of works by Pop art legend Andy Warhol, rumored to be in excess of 1,000 pieces. Mugrabi owns the world’s largest collection of paintings by Andy Warhol. His art collection includes works by Renoir, Picasso, Rodin, Ernst, Daumier, Damien Hirst and Jeff Koons, in addition to 800 Warhols. Their art is stored in Zurich and near Newark, New Jersey. In 2008, the Wall Street Journal reported on how the Mugrabis were said by several art dealers to be “doing whatever they can to keep Warhol prices high, including occasionally overpaying — or overcharging — for the artworks.” In November 1988, at Sotheby’s in New York, he set a new world record for Warhol’s work when he purchased “Twenty Marilyns” for $3.96m. In May 2002 he acquired one of Duchamp’s Fountain Readymades for $1 million. He owns the largest collection of Philippe Pasqua’s paintings.