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宮下パーク Miyashita Park

卵とキャラメルが出会って、プリンが生まれた。 出会いって、愛。組み合わせって、未来かも。 公園の下に、ハイブランド。 ハイブランドの横に、飲み屋横丁。 ホテルも珈琲屋もレコードショップもギャラリーも、 混ざってくっついたらどうなるんだろう。 ごちゃっと自由に、ここは公園のASHITA。 その全部があたらしくなった、MIYASHITA PARK。 さあ開業、開園です。 ニンゲンも風も花も鳥も、どうぞいらしてください。 The renovated Miyashita Park is another new addition to Shibuya’s ever-changing cityscape. Previously a public park located along the Yamanote line, this glitzy new three-storey building is home to a shopping mall, a variety of restaurants and cafés, as well as a hotel. Check out Shibuya Yokocho on the first floor where you can hop from one small venue to the next, sampling specialities from all over Japan. Those with a sweet tooth should head straight to Miyashita Park’s KitKat Chocolatory, where you can craft your very own custom chocolate bar. However, the highlight is the spacious rooftop park, complete with sports facilities, including a skate park, a bouldering wall and even a sand-covered court perfect for beach volleyball. If you’d rather something less strenuous, grab a drink at the on-site Starbucks – designed by streetwear icon Hiroshi Fujiwara to look like a petrol station – and unwind on the open lawn area. …….. See also: Joseph Lee ”Pleasure in the Pathless Woods” @ DIESEL ART GALLERY Meiji Dori Miyashita Park 明治通り宮下パーク