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シミュラークルから物語的な知覚アートまで:展覧会の画像一覧 From Simulacra to Narrative Perception Art : Exhibition Images

菅木志雄 SUGA Kishio「1990」
菅木志雄 SUGA Kishio「1990」

シミュラークル (1) から再モダン・窮地的フォーマリズム (2) まで、 概念と言語 (3) からパフォーマンス・アート / 社会派のイメージ (4) まで、投機好きなアート (5) から幼稚な美術 (6) まで、アングラ・フェティシズム (7) から保守的なデコ・アート (8) まで、物語的な自我美術構造 (9) から物語的な知覚アート (10) まで。

亜 真里男

(1) Simulacra
(2) Re-modern Predicament Formalism
(3) Concept & Language
(4) Performance Art / Social Images
(5) Flip Art
(6) Infantile Art
(7) Underground Fetishism
(8) Conservative Deco Art
(9) Narrative Ego Art
(10) Narrative Perception Art

From Simulacra to Narrative Perception Art : Exhibition Images
By visiting Tokyo’s exhibitions I would like to share the images I took from the various gallery places. While mainly writing in Japanese, however, you can enjoy the pics, which give you an idea or a hint for further research. In this context I put the various artistic practices, which can be actually observed in Tokyo, into ten categories.

1. Simulacra
2. Re-modern Predicament Formalism
3. Concept & Language
4. Performance Art / Social Images
5. Flip Art
6. Infantile Art
7. Underground Fetishism
8. Conservative Deco Art
9. Narrative Ego Art
10. Narrative Perception Art

It will be exciting to watch how contemporary art is changing and progressing into new fields of expressions.

Tokyo, 2014/4/27
Mario A

Sterling Ruby
Sterling Ruby “SR-EXHMJOHN’S ROO m2 (3514)” (2011), detail

(originally postet at ARTiT web magazine, 2014/4/27)