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2018年度「文化庁文化交流使」田中功起 'Japan Cultural Envoy' 2018: TANAKA Koki

TANAKA Koki 田中功起 @ 青山|目黒 AOYAMA | MEGURO booth, LISTE Art Fair Basel 2013
TANAKA Koki 田中功起 @ 青山|目黒 AOYAMA | MEGURO booth, LISTE Art Fair Basel 2013

Happy news, as TANAKA Koki had been chosen as ‘Japan Cultural Envoy’ for 2018/19! My sincerest congratulations!
Tanaka will be one of several cultural figures and artists sent overseas to engage in activities that will promote Japanese culture and create and reinforce cultural networks.


Up-date, 2018/5/22: Today’s comment by TANAKA Koki, 田中さんからコメントをいただきました:
“Hi Mario-san, so sorry for late reply! Yes, this opportunity is good for me to focus on my on-going research about Japanese immigrant history in US and South America. I couldn’t have proper time to concentrate. So that I use this time for more archival research, as well as meeting specialists.”


!! Please check out his coming solo exhibition in Zürich, Switzerland スイス、チューリヒ
Koki Tanaka @ Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst
August 25 – November 11, 2018
Opening: Friday, August 24, 2018

田中 功起
活動期間:約8か月半 (平成30年7月上旬~平成31年3月中旬)(予定)


「各国の展覧会に参加し、日本の現代アートの発信を行い、併せて講演会を含む様々な機会を活用してその魅 力を伝える。 また、日米の交流の歴史についてのフィールドワーク等を通じて、新たなネットワーク構築やプロジェクトのベースとなるリソースを収集する。」



・笠松 泰洋(作曲家)
・田中 功起
(生田流箏曲・地歌 演奏家)

課長 大野 彰子
国際文化交流室長 秋山 麻里
国際文化交流室室長補佐 木南 秀隆
振興係長 内 誠

The English site regarding ‘Japan Cultural Envoy’ by the Agency for Cultural Affairs and its Facebook page:

The Agency for Cultural Affairs promotes the diverse arts and culture of Japan overseas, engages in international cultural exchange and builds an international hub of creativity and information for culture and arts. The Agency also promotes international cooperation in the protection of cultural properties by sending Japanese experts overseas, or developing overseas local human resources. The Agency ultimately hopes to advance the arts and culture of Japan by encouraging mutual understanding with other countries, creating and reinforcing networks of cultural figures and artists, and prompting new artistic creation based on this exchange.



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TANAKA Koki: Special mention for his national participation at the 55th Venice Biennale, 2013年 ヴェネチア・ビエンナーレ国際美術展で日本館として特別表彰受賞


今日のおまけ, today’s additional pics:

田中功起 @ 青山|目黒 Marc spiegler LISTE

right: Marc Spiegler, Global Director of Art Basel at AOYAMA | MEGURO booth, with the solo show of TANAKA Koki, LISTE Art Fair Basel 2013

田中功起 @ 青山|目黒田・中功起 @ 青山|目黒

田中功起 @ 青山|目黒

田中功起 @ 青山|目黒