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日本のクールなジャズ・ミュージシャン 近藤等則さん死去 71歳 Japan’s cool Jazz musician KONDO Toshinori passed away at 71

Toshinori Kondo 近藤等則 と Melon MOMOE 桃江メロン
Toshinori Kondo 近藤等則 と Melon MOMOE 桃江メロン

Today’s sad news about beloved Jazz musician KONDO Toshinori 近藤等則 rumbles through the Japanese music world.
Kondo first started to play electric trumpet in 1979, while he was living in New York and gigging in the city’s avant-garde music scene. Following the example of Miles Davis, Kondo inserted his pickup into the shank of the trumpet’s mouthpiece, rather than in front of the bell, allowing him to capture the subtler nuances of his playing.
Later in 1993, Kondo headed to the Negev Desert in Israel with an NHK film crew and recorded a series of solo improvisations, al fresco. Using a language of slow, plangent tones and electrified trills, he attempted to start a dialogue with his surroundings — sometimes freaky, sometimes beautiful, sometimes a bit new age-y. It was the first volley in an ongoing project, titled “Blow the Earth,” that has since taken him to locations such as Peru’s Machu Picchu and the Ladakh Himalaya region in India.
I had the luck to hear his exquisite improvisation performance 10 years ago at 青山 月見ル君想フ Moon Romantic, in Minami Aoyama, Tokyo. An unforgettable experience about the collaboration between sharp-witted, brilliant novelist Melon Momoe 桃江メロン, who read from her novel “Omotesando Exit A4”, and Kondo’s intriguing, mesmerising sound. Thank you so much for your music, your fascinating creativity. Chapeau maestro. May you now rest in peace.

トランペット奏者 近藤等則さん死去 71歳
2020年10月19日 2時25分おくやみ





訃報|Obituary Notice

父 近藤等則は2020年10月17日夜に71歳で逝去いたしました。
Our father, Toshinori Kondo, 71, peacefully passed away on the night of Saturday, October 17, 2020.
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