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OMG!!! Kim Kardashian Makes The Whole World Cry: Files for Divorce from Kanye West Visit to Takashi's Studio Already Legendary History

Takashi, Kanye & Kim @ Takashi's studio, screenshot from people website
Takashi, Kanye & Kim @ Takashi's studio, screenshot from people website

OMG!!! CRY CRY CRY! BABY! Let’s cry together!!!
Kim Kardashian West has filed for divorce from Kanye West, seeking to end their nearly seven-year marriage, her spokeswoman said hours ago! Noooooo!!! Say it ain’t true… You can take my heart but don’t steal my pride. KUWTK, R.I.P.
The whole world now is in a really bad situation, all what we have is lost, destroyed and we ourselves are in the position of being crushed, eliminated, completely wiped out. Raison d’être gone, devastated, no future. Let’s remember our romantic encounter with Japanese art star Takashi. The lovely couple Kim & Kanye took a private Boeing 747 flight to Tokyo where they met with Takashi and dropped to the floor to strike a pose in front of one of his artworks. The coolest pose in Japan one could imagine! Whole Japan was fascinated by that HOT ass!!! Standing ovations from our American friends and allies, from the US military bases in Okinawa to the Russians living in Hokkaido! Cool Takashi Maestro! We luv ya!
Unforgettable Takashi’s ode to Kanye and Lil Pump’s oversized couch look in their “I Love It” video, writing on Insta: “It’s like you’re being served a raw, contemporary human being, delivered straight to you via YouTube, iTunes and Spotify. I felt as though I was served a fresh platter of ego sashimi.”
Check out the kawaii 2020 collabo between Kim and Takashi. Hot love is in the cherry! チェリーちぇり実。くりくり、、、いやっ…!!!


screenshot from Takashi’s insta account

Kanye West together with MURAKAMI Takashi. West with the President of the U.S.A. Donald Trump 2018, pics: creative-common-sense
2020 collabo between Kim and Takashi, insta-screenshot
kawaii 2020 collabo between Kim and Takashi, instaschot


If ya wanna learn more about Japan’s No.1 Art Genius, check it out! Voilà:
In Front of The Mori Art Museum, NOW! Japan’s No.1 Artist, Genius MURAKAMI Takashi’s, Made in America, Golden Bullshit Self-Portrait Sucks! ROFL!!天才村上隆/

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村上隆、日本が好き、人気アーティスト ティファニー・クーパー
Artist Tiffany Cooper, who loves Japan and MURAKAMI Takashiティファニー・クーパー/

The Value of Murakami’s Works? An Unhappy MURAKAMI Takashi…

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The Man Who Ruined The Japanese Art World? An Unhappy MURAKAMI Takashi…

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