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ピエール・ルイージ・タッジ PIER LUIGI TAZZI (1941–2021) Resta in Pace

Screenshot of ArtAsiaPacific, PIER LUIGI TAZZI (CCCS)
Screenshot of ArtAsiaPacific, PIER LUIGI TAZZI (CCCS)

Pier Luigi Tazzi passed away. As a half Italian I can read his character between the lines, know in what context his practice had been done.
I remember very well the fruitful interchange with him about our favourite artist Adel Abdessemed. We both were against New York critic Jerry Saltz’s publicly expressed opinion and his, religion-related, discriminating attitude towards Abdessemed’s art practice. In fact, a huge problem for the influential art scene in New York City.

The first director of Tokyo’s Mori Art Museum, David Elliott… (see his fb site…) published a beautifully written obituary. Please take your time and read it carefully.
Luigi, resta in pace….