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佐伯俊男 SAEKI Toshio

佐伯俊男 SAEKI Toshio 'Ureshii Daruma' (2018)
佐伯俊男 SAEKI Toshio 'Ureshii Daruma' (2018)

With sadness I heard of the death of SAEKI Toshio 佐伯俊男, who passed away last year, November 21st, at the age of 74.
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The public announcement had been made yesterday.

Extremely influential in the world of Japanese erotic art genre, me included.
I possess several books about his illustration-related paintings and a wonderful edition work, which I acquired 1995 in the now defunct gallery AZZLO, located in Minami-Aoyama, Tokyo.

SAEKI Toshio 佐伯俊男
SAEKI Toshio 佐伯俊男
SAEKI Toshio 佐伯俊男 @ AZZLO Gallery, Tokyo
SAEKI Toshio 佐伯俊男 @ AZZLO Gallery, Tokyo

In my younger age, I marveled at Tomi Ungerer, however, Saeki topped everything I saw until then, as his precise eye and a sense of humor captured various morbid, hidden Japanese ero-grotesque fantasies.

Saeki: “If the reality hidden in my soul, —even if it is only the smallest fragment of it—, is able to evoke something in the viewer, then my intention has been achieved.”

Yes, Saeki-san, you achieved your goal with bravour, style, splendid aura and superbly executed works. Thank you so much! Resta in pace.



(CCCS courtesy creative common sense, photo taken from “Tokyo Pop Underground”, an exhibition currently on view at Jeffrey Deitch gallery in Los Angeles, after having been shown in New York, November 2019.)