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米国ギャラリー Blum&Poeのアーティスト・リストから外された村上隆 Takashi Murakami Had Been Erased From American Gallery Blum & Poe’s Artists’ List

村上隆の記事 @ artnet news 2019年4月23日 (screenshot)
村上隆の記事 @ artnet news 2019年4月23日 (screenshot)

Artnet Newsによると、村上隆の作品が売れず、作品と制作に関して、赤字のアート・ディーリング状態になった事が原因のようです。

ご存知の通り、村上隆は、日本のアート・ジャーナリスト、日本のアート・ライター、日本のマスコミからの質問を嫌ってもいます。森美術館個展の2015年10月、「森ビルさんや、協賛のスポンサーさん達にはご迷惑をお掛けしております が、メディアへのインタヴュー一切をお断りしております。」というステートメントは象徴的な態度の表れです。

森ビルさんや、協賛のスポンサーさん達にはご迷惑をお掛けしております が、メディアへのインタヴュー一切をお断りしております。

Strange that Murakami has nothing to say on this arty earthquake.


Superstar Artist Takashi Murakami Splits With Longtime Dealer Blum & Poe
Experts have various theories about what caused the breakup.

(up-date 2019/4/24. The title at artnet News had been altered. New title is…)

村上隆の記事 @ artnet news 2019年4月24日 (screenshot)
村上隆の記事 @ artnet News 2019年4月24日 (screenshot)

Superstar Artist Takashi Murakami Just Split With Blum & Poe, His Longtime Gallery That Made Him Famous. Why?
Experts have various theories about what caused the breakup.

Eileen Kinsella, April 23, 2019

Global art star Takashi Murakami has split from his longtime dealer, Blum & Poe, after more than two decades together, artnet News has learned. The gallery, which has locations in Los Angeles, New York, and Tokyo, first began showing the artist’s work back in 1997.

Murakami’s company, Kaikai Kiki Studio, did not respond to artnet News’s requests for comment.

Several sources told artnet News that Blum & Poe had been losing money with the artist’s practice for some time, though opinions differed about whether the artist himself or the gallery’s management was to blame.
“That’s why he started doing collaborations, like that with [fashion designer] Virgil Abloh, so that he could start selling again because the other stuff wasn’t moving,” one collector told artnet News.

An art advisor familiar with the Murakami market argued that galleries representing the artist bore responsibility for his shaky performance by releasing too much work over the years, some of which he described as “poorly edited and over-produced.”

more, full text at artnet news


The Los Angeles powerhouse gallery Blum & Poe, founded in 1994 by Tim Blum and Jeff Poe, gave the artist Takashi Murakami his first show in the city in 1997. In 1999, they took the artist’s work to Art Basel in Basel, Switzerland for its first exposure at a grand international fair. Though he had shown in Paris with the dealer Emmanuel Perrotin, who met Murakami in Japan in 1993, and in New York with the dealers Gavin Brown and Hudson, he hadn’t yet broke out in the market. In Basel, collectors who ventured into the Blum & Poe booth greeted the then-shocking blend of post-Koons Pop, classical Japanese painting, and blitzkrieg anime with horror.
Blum told the Wall Street Journal years later that visitors to the fair thought the dealers were “out of our minds, like insane, strange, deluded idiots.” But they sold every last work.

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