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ジューリオ・パオリーニ PAOLINI, Giulio

Giulio Paolini (born 5 November 1940) is an Italian artist associated with both Arte Povera and Conceptual Art. Right from the start Paolini’s productions have been accompanied by written reflections and comments, seen as elements complementary to and parallel with the image. His first collection of texts, Idem, was published by Einaudi in 1975 with an essay by Italo Calvino. Recent collections include Quattro passi. Nel museo senza muse (Einaudi, Turin 2006) and Dall’Atlante al Vuoto (in ordine alfabetico) published by Mondadori Electa, Milan 2010. In 1995 Maddalena Disch edited a complete edition of his writings and interviews (Giulio Paolini: la voce del pittore. Scritti e interviste 1965–1995, ADV Publishing House, Lugano). The first monograph on the artist, by Germano Celant, was published in 1972 in New York City by Sonnabend Press. The most significant books on Giulio Paolini, including critical anthologies and a wealth of documentation, are the catalogues brought out on the occasion of his solo shows in Parma (1976), Ravenna (1985, Giulio Paolini. Tutto qui, Edizioni Essegi, Ravenna), Stuttgart (1986), Rome (1988), Graz (1998) and Milan (2003). In 1990 Francesco Poli edited a monograph for Edizioni Lindau of Turin. In 1992 Marco Noire published Impressions graphiques. L’opera grafica 1967–1992 di Giulio Paolini, a general catalogue of his prints and multiples. In 2008 the publisher Skira of Milan brought out a two volume Catalogue Raisonné of Paolini’s works from 1960 to 1999, edited by Maddalena Disch.ピノー・コレクション