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日本芸術院 Japan Art Academy

役割 日本芸術院は,芸術上の功績顕著な芸術家を優遇するための栄誉機関です。 また,芸術の発達に寄与する活動を行うとともに,芸術に関する重要事項を審議し,これを文部科学大臣又は文化庁長官に意見を述べることができるとされています。 The role of the Japan Art Academy is that of the premier Japanese institution that honors exceptionally-accomplished artists. In addition to engaging in activities that contribute to the development of the arts, the Japan Art Academy deliberates important matters regarding the arts, and provides counsel on these to Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in Japan and the Commissioner for Cultural Affairs. 日本芸術院では,会員以外の者で,卓越した芸術作品と認められるものを制作した者及び芸術の進歩に貢献する顕著な業績があると認められる者に対して,毎年,恩賜賞と日本芸術院賞を授与しています。 日本芸術院賞は,昭和16年から戦中,戦後の一時期を除いて毎年授与しており,平成29年度において第74回を数えています。 恩賜賞は日本芸術院賞を受賞した者の中から特に選ばれて贈られる賞です。 恩賜賞には賜品が,日本芸術院賞には賞状,賞牌,賞金が贈られます。 平成29年度恩賜賞・日本芸術院賞の授賞式は,天皇皇后両陛下の行幸啓を仰ぎ,平成30年6月18日に挙行されました。 The Imperial Prize and the Japan Art Academy Prize Every year, the Japan Art Academy presents the Imperial Prize and the Japan Art Academy Prize to individuals outside of Academy members who have produced works of art deemed to be outstanding, and individuals who are recognized to have made distinguished contributions to the advancement of art. The Japan Art Academy has presented these awards every year since 1941, with the exception of a suspension of the awards during wartime and for a brief period thereafter, with 2013 marking the 70th time. The Imperial Prize is awarded to an individual selected from those individuals who have already been presented with the Japan Art Academy Prize. The recipient of the Imperial Prize is bestowed with an Imperial gift, while the recipient of the Japan Art Academy Prize is awarded a certificate of merit, a medal and a monetary prize. The Award Ceremony for the Imperial Prize and the Japan Art Academy Prize is held around June of every year in time for their Imperial Majesties the Emperor and Empress as they take their Royal Outing.