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日本の現代文化って。1963年生まれ、カルチュア・エンタテインメントの中西一雄社長 vs. 1959年生まれ、日本アーティスト亜 真里男 Japanese contemporary culture: NAKANISHI Kazuo, born in 1963, President of Culture Entertainment vs. Japanese artist Mario A, born in 1959

1959年生まれ、日本アーティスト亜 真里男 (2023年の写真) と 1963年生まれ、カルチュア・エンタテインメントの中西一雄社長 (2024年の写真)
1959年生まれ、日本アーティスト亜 真里男 (2023年の写真) と 1963年生まれ、カルチュア・エンタテインメントの中西一雄社長 (2024年の写真)

Sometimes you cross over these guys, who think they belong to the Japanese contemporary cultural landscape. Today, the boss of Culture Entertainment Co., President NAKANISHI Kazuo カルチュア・エンタテインメントの中西一雄社長 had been picked up in the local media.
Looking at his actual photograph, my spontaneous reaction…, a person with whom I don’t want to exchange my “Meishi”(名刺 Name Card), or going together out for a dinner or drink in Ginza or somewhere else in Tokyo. Those types like Nakanishi, who is 4 years younger than me, suggest a “conformista”, unhealthy, conservative lifestyle. Sorry for my harsh words.

My dear ART-CULTURE.WORLD readers know, that besides my artistic practice, I voluntarily created this website, because I want you to understand, get a kind of real-time knowledge, about Japanese culture, mostly focused on contemporary art.
This website cost me almost nothing, in this sense I am delighted to have become, without any big efforts, Japan’s No.1 Contemporary Art Blogger.
Besides that, I am founder of the Japanese Art History influencing “Japanese Contemporary Art Transparency Prize”「日本現代アート透明賞」(JCATP), which also cost me little money and makes every awardee happy.

Mr. NAKANISHI Kazuo of Culture Entertainment Co. is my direct “rival”, as his magazines are covering Japanese contemporary art, with almost no objective or critical stance. Paid advertisement, tie-up articles タイアップ記事, so to speak.
A disaster.
He “earns” a lot of money from Japanese contemporary art.

Let me quote his message as CEO.


代表取締役 社長執行役員
中西 一雄

Into a world of creativity and excitement.
We create the future through entertainment

The Culture Entertainment Group is committed to devoting its creativity and passion to creating and delivering content that brings excitement and joy to people. We believe that entertainment has the power to change our daily lives and expand our world, sometimes by bringing us new perspectives.
We have been in business for more than 30 years, dating back to our days as Culture Convenience Club Co. With the establishment of Culture Entertainment Inc. in 2014, we have accelerated our business while expanding into music, publishing, and merchandise in addition to video, and continue to produce quality content.
We will continue to contribute to the creation of a sustainable future by taking up the challenge of creating content that inspires people’s hearts and minds with passion and enthusiasm.
We hope that you will look forward to the future of Culture Entertainment Group.

Culture Entertainment Inc.
Representative Director, President and Chief Executive Officer
Kazuo Nakanishi

For those who don’t know:
The art magazine BT Bijutsu-Techo 美術手帳 belongs to this Culture Entertainment Group.

Tokyo 2024/3/2
亜 真里男 Mario A

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