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、、、心にしみる壮麗な桜 ...heartwarming, magnificent cherry blossoms


桜の季節、まだまだ味わえますね。What an amazing day in Tokyo’s residential neighborhood. Since 3 weeks cherry blossoms in full bloom and no end in sight. Shinjuku Gyoen Park surely the place to go for the sakura-fanatics, before the next heavy, stormy rain makes an abrupt change in the seasonal spring mood. One of the few opportunities to enjoy a prolonged cherry blossom season, which I rarely have seen in the last 30 years.
We don’t know what next year will bring, so let me up-load today’s snap-shots of sakura and other flowers, taken in the neighborhood while strolling around with my wife.
A personal ‘Japonisme’, so to say.

桜の季節 東京
桜の季節 東京1
桜の季節 東京2
桜の季節 東京3
桜の季節 東京4
桜の季節 東京5
桜の季節 東京6
桜の季節 東京7
桜の季節 東京8
桜の季節 東京9
桜の季節 東京10
桜の季節 東京11