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現代日本のオタク文化:名取さな Contemporary Japanese Otaku Culture: SANA NATORI


World wide attention towards Japanese Anime, Manga, Cosplay doesn’t fade away. To understand the art practice of MURAKAMI Takashi 村上隆 (incl. the artist Mr.), one has to generate empathy, open up to new fetish, playful, entertaining concepts. Like Carnival or Halloween, the “Role-Play” becomes attitude. Some take it easy, some take it serious. The former underground OTAKU-World developed into mainstream culture in Japan, later copied by youngsters in neighbouring Asian countries.
For the uninitiated, Japanese Pop music industry created a similar Otaku-like IDOL-singer brand since the 70’s. In this regard, nothing really special or sensational for Japanese society, as most women and girls use the word “kawaii” (super cute) in colloquial language.


Go!Go! キャンディーズ ヒット曲メドレー(’78.2.26LIVE)

Lady oh! あいつBye Bye 1982年


1981年からニッポン放送のラジオDJとして活動をスタート、後にグループ名を「Lady oh!」に改名することになる「水島かおり」、「西端やよい」、「高橋めぐみ」による女性アイドル・グループ「ラジオっ娘」の’82リリースの3RDシングル。作編曲は79年に結成された日本のEARTH WIND & FIRE~KOOL & THE GANGことブラス・ロック・バンド「SPECTRUM」のフロント・マン、トランペット奏者「新田一郎」。新田らしいホーンやコーラスも炸裂する爽快感たっぷりのサマー湘南グルーヴィー・ダンサー”茅ヶ崎サンライズ”!イナたい歌ですが、神奈川県民以外もCITY POP~LIGHT MELLOWファンにもオススメ出来るサウンド! そして作詞作曲:近田春夫、編曲:後藤次利によるコミック・ディスコ”デートは何か?”をカップリング。ちなみに前作の2NDシングル”恐れちゃいけない”はディスコ歌謡として吉沢dynamite.jp監修「和モノ A TO Z」掲載。本作の次作となる同年の”あいつ Bye Bye”からグループ名を改名することになりました。隠れた人気盤です!!


松田聖子 青い珊瑚礁



My last introduction for you, from 2010:
“Heavy Rotation” by the still extremely popular IDOL-group AKB48, Japanese cultural ambassadors in neighbouring countries, in the promotional context “Cool Japan“, created by the Japanese government.

【MV full】 ヘビーローテーション / AKB48 [公式]

The American Experience. The Japanese Experience.
The Imagination of America. The Imagination of Japan. Everyone and every media tries to create the visualisation of one’s own country / culture in the perfect way, to be reflected seriously. You tried it in vain to save your imagination.
Coming from the 80’s Berlin, I do understand that from the “Western” socio-anthropological and feminist perspective this kind of development is difficult to understand, a different psychological approach in gender studies necessary, as we’re writing 2020 and not the 50’s.
You may try to analyse the common practice in contemporary Japanese society: “amaeru” に甘える, which means to seek a lot of affection from someone / or / taking advantage of someone’s kindness.
The next socio-analytical research (fieldwork) for you would be to find out the reason regarding the extremely strong “gendered language” (gender-based language), which is still (! , you should have asked me in the 1980’s) common in Japanese society, especially among the younger generation.
Don’t get me wrong.
Stereotyped perceptions of gender roles are very much used by American ‘millennials’;
– the American Experience in 2020 regarding “race” (Yellow, Black, Latino, White, Red, Mixed Culture),
gendered language (weird gender-oriented relationship between American mother with daughter and son, music lyrics, video game language, weird gender language used in the films by Walt Disney Animation Studios),
fashion (extremely girly + feminine sexual: “needing validation from teenage girls that you’re still cool”) and
music (extremely vulgar by both gender + discriminating language)
makes one wonder for what the liberating, educational movements in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s stand.
Last but not least, you may ask Japanese mothers why they educate their daughter or son in such a way and not in another way. You will be more than surprised (probably shocked) by the answers. And may probably learn about the Japanese concept of “Gemeinwesen”.

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日本のお母さん 親子
日本のお母さん 親子

NHK 2020年10月30日


〈ネットワーク報道部 記者 成田大輔(長男・2児の父)/國仲真一郎(長男)〉








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ジェンダー・リビール・ケーキ originated in the United States, gender reveal parties
ジェンダー・リビール・ケーキ originated in the United States, gender reveal parties

‘Gender reveal’ cakes help expecting Japanese women feel connected amid COVID-19 crisis
November 3, 2020 (Mainichi Japan)

Gender reveal parties, events in which pregnant women reveal the sex of their fetus via the color of the cross section of a cake or by other creative means, are becoming increasingly popular in Japan.

The parties, which originated in the United States and are a relatively new tradition, are helping pregnant women in Japan share and celebrate their pregnancies with family members who cannot accompany them on visits to the doctor or during labor and childbirth due to novel coronavirus countermeasures.
It is said that the first gender reveal event took place in 2008, when a woman in the U.S. posted a video online of her revealing the sex of her fetus using a cake at a party. The practice is spreading across Japan via social media and elsewhere.
In addition to gender reveal cakes, there are gender reveal balloons that indicate the sex of the fetus with the color of the confetti that comes out of them when they are popped, among other gimmicks. The tradition began to attract attention in Japan around last year.
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元気に育ってね」 コロナ禍で出産控えた女性たちに広まる「ジェンダー・リビール」とは
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What’s your taste?
Do you want to be yourself ?
Do you want to feel / experience happiness ?

May I introduce you the latest case in Japan, which actually draws a lot of attention.
This Anime- / Cosplay / Youtube -“character” or personality is called Sana Natori.

The city Natori’s public health center chose Natori as its promotional mascot after struggling to attract young people to give blood. A local official stumbled across the popular icon whose surname, Natori, is spelled the same as the city.
A collaboration with the creator of Sana Natori developed, means, young people from all over Japan now want to donor their blood at the health center of Natori.

Check out the links, funny but non-fiction.

Cosplayer as SANA NATORI, courtesy creative common sense
Cosplayer as SANA NATORI, courtesy creative common sense
Japanese Cosplayer as NANA SATORI, courtesy creative common sense
Japanese Cosplayer as NANA SATORI, courtesy creative common sense

About 12 years ago I created a body of work called “Japanese Anime Love”. To get an idea, let me post one work called “Yuko”. The perception depends on the viewer, not me. It’s Suntory time, relaxing time.

Japanese Anime Love (Yuko)
Mario A “Japanese Anime Love (Yuko)” 2008, oil on canvas

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日本のアート界を駄目にした男? 不幸な村上隆、、、
The Man Who Ruined The Japanese Art World? An Unhappy MURAKAMI Takashi…

日本の現代アーティスト・トップ 6(2020年)
Contemporary artists from Japan, Top 6 (2020)日本の現代アーティスト・トップ-6-2020年/

(Front) NAKAHARA Kodai 中原浩大 “Anice” 1991-92 Colored soft vinyl model kit and acrylic mirror sheet. MURAKAMI Takashi Collection
(Front) NAKAHARA Kodai 中原浩大 “Anice” 1991-92 Colored soft vinyl model kit and acrylic mirror sheet. MURAKAMI Takashi Collection
村上隆 MURAKAMI Takashi MISS KO2 ORIGINAL (PROJECT KO2) 1997 @ Chateau de Versailles ヴェルサイユ宮殿 2010
村上隆 MURAKAMI Takashi “Miss Ko2 Original (Project Ko2)” 1997 @ Chateau de Versailles ヴェルサイユ宮殿 2010
村上隆 MURAKAMI Takashi “My Lonesome Cowboy” 1998 (left) “Hiropon” 1997 (right)
村上隆 MURAKAMI Takashi “My Lonesome Cowboy” 1998 (left) + “Hiropon” 1997 (right)

人気のある「日本アーティスト」 トレヴァー・ブラウン個展「la nursery noire」
Popular solo exhibition by ‘Japanese artist’ Trevor Brown “la nursery noire”

screenshot of babyakanebo Twitter account
screenshot of babyakanebo Twitter account

桶田コレクション展 ‘LOVE @ FIRST SIGHT’ @ スパイラル 東京
Oketa Collection exhibition ‘LOVE @ FIRST SIGHT’ @ SPIRAL Tokyo桶田コレクション/

Mr Karin
Mr. 「かりん ー 甘酸っぱい思い出ー Karin -Bittersweet Memory-」2019 Acrylic on urethane foam and FRP

SAEKI Toshio佐伯俊男/

佐伯俊男 SAEKI Toshio ‚Ureshii Daruma‘ (2018)
佐伯俊男 SAEKI Toshio ‘Ureshii Daruma’ (2018)

ハッピー カワイイ ハロウィン

ハッピー カワイイ ハロウィン happy kawaii halloween
ハッピー カワイイ ハロウィン! HAPPY KAWAII HALLOWEEN!
ラムちゃん in 東京渋谷 Lum Invader “Lum-chan” in Tokyo Shibuya

深田恭子、『うる星やつら』ラムちゃんに!ミニスカで「ラムのラブソング」替え歌ダンス!テンちゃん役には寺田心 東京ガス新CM

うる星やつら ラムちゃんが酔っ払う!?

うる星やつら OP1「ラムのラブソング」松谷祐子

ラムちゃん Agnes Lum
ラムちゃん Agnes Lum

Agnes Lum アグネス・ラム

Agnes Lum ラムちゃん
Agnes Lum ラムちゃん
Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty
Shintaro Tsuji, founder and president of Sanrio Co., smiles as he poses with a Hello Kitty model at a Sanrio shop in Tokyo
Shintaro Tsuji, founder and president of Sanrio Co., smiles as he poses with a Hello Kitty model at a Sanrio shop in Tokyo
Cyun’t promotion poster
Japan Self-Defense Force Recruitment Posters with cute Anime girls
Japan Self-Defense Force Recruitment Posters with cute Anime girls
Japan Self-Defense Force Recruitment Posters with cute Anime characters
Japan Self-Defense Force Recruitment Posters with cute Anime characters
Japan Self-Defense Force Recruitment Posters
Japan Self-Defense Force Recruitment Posters
Japan Self-Defense Force Recruitment Posters with cute, sexy Anime characters
Japan Self-Defense Force Recruitment Posters with cute, sexy Anime characters
Semi-national TV channel NHK weather report 2012 .jpg
Semi-national TV channel NHK weather report 2012
Semi-national TV channel NHK weather report with IDA Hiroko (right) 2012
Semi-national TV channel NHK weather report with IDA Hiroko (right) 2012
IDA Hiroko @ NHK weather report 2012
IDA Hiroko @ NHK weather report 2012
IDA Hiroko NHK weather report
IDA Hiroko and her “anime-character” @ NHK weather report
promotion picture by the semi-national TV broadcaster NHK for a serious news-reportage program 2016
promotion picture by the semi-national TV broadcaster NHK for a serious news-reportage program 2016

Learn more through the actual exhibition:


The National Art Center, Tokyo has been putting a great deal of effort into introducing Japan’s distinctive culture, starting with “MANGA*ANIME*GAMES from JAPAN” (June 24 – August 31, 2015), followed by the same exhibit held in Thailand and Myanmar. In 2018, as part of “Japonismes 2018: les âmes en resonance”, we held the MANGA⇔TOKYO exhibition (November 29 – December 30, 2018) in Paris, France, which attracted over 30 thousand highly appreciative visitors. This time, we will bring the renovated exhibition back to Japan.

Organized by
Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan; Japan Arts Council; The National Art Center, Tokyo

Co-organized by
With the support of
Organization for Promoting Manga and Animation; TBS Radio; The Japan Foundation
With the sponsorship of
AKITA PUBLISHING CO.,LTD.; Aniplex Inc.; CHIZU, Inc.; CoMix Wave Films Inc.; COAMIX Inc.; Cork, Inc.; CRYPTON FUTURE MEDIA, INC.; GungHo Online Entertainment, Inc.; HAKUSENSHA; KADOKAWA CORPORATION; KING RECORD CO., LTD.; KODANSHA LTD.; Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.; Nitroplus Co., Ltd.; PAPIER JT estate; Polyphony Digital Inc.; Production I.G, Inc.; SEGA GROUP CORPORATION; Shogakukan Inc.; SHORT PEACE COMMITTEE; SHUEISHA Inc.; Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.; TAITO CORPORATION; TOHO CO., LTD.
With the cooperation of
ISHIMORI PRODUCTION INC.; BANDAI NAMCO Arts Inc.; Comic Market Committee; Fuji Television Network, Inc.; GENCO, Inc.; HEADGEAR; JR East Retail Net Co., Ltd; khara, inc.; Kinema-Junposha. Co. Ltd; nadeshicopro inc.; NHK Enterprises, Inc.; NIHEI SOGO LAW OFFICE; NIPPON ANIMATION CO., LTD.; SEIZO WATASE INC.; Shin-Ei Animation Co., Ltd.; SOTSU CO.,LTD.; SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.; SUNRISE INC.; TEZUKA PRODUCTIONS Co., Ltd.; TMS ENTERTAINMENT Co., Ltd.; TOEI ANIMATION Co.,Ltd.; Warner Bros. Japan LLC
The National Art Center, Tokyo
Guest Curator
MORIKAWA Kaichiro, Associate Professor of School of Global Japanese Studies at Meiji University

東京を描写するアニメ・マンガ MANGA都市TOKYO展

「東京」テーマにカルチャー集結 「MANGA都市TOKYO」開催

2020/10/26 up date:


‘Demon Slayer’ breaks box office record held by ‘Spirited Away’
Manga-based film rakes in over $95m in first 10 days in Japan
TOKYO (Kyodo) — An animated movie based on the blockbuster “Demon Slayer” manga series has broken box-office records in Japan as the first film ever to rake in over 10 billion yen ($95.3 million) within 10 days of opening, its distributors said Monday.
The movie, a sequel to an anime television series that aired in Japan last year, has generated box-office sales of over 10.75 billion yen at 403 theaters across Japan, drawing 7.98 million viewers from its Oct. 16 premiere through Sunday, according to co-distributors Aniplex Inc. and Toho Co.
The previous record was held by director Hayao Miyazaki’s “Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi” (Spirited Away), which took 25 days to pull in box-office sales of 10 billion yen, eventually chalking up 30.8 billion yen in Japan.
Fans are watching closely to see if the movie from anime studio Ufotable Inc. will overtake Miyazaki’s 2001 animated film as the highest grossing Japanese movie in history.
Titled “Demon Slayer — Kimetsu no Yaiba — The Movie: Mugen Train” and directed by Haruo Sotozaki, the movie also set a ticket sale record of 4.62 billion yen in the first three days.
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Manga ‚Demon Slayer‘ Weekly Shonen Jump 2016
Manga ‘Demon Slayer’ Weekly Shonen Jump 2016

What’s behind Demon Slayer anime’s monster success at Japan box office?
October 29, 2020 (Mainichi Japan)


What’s Demon Slayer all about though? For the uninitiated, here’s a brief rundown. It was originally a manga series by Koyoharu Gotoge published in Shueisha Inc.’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine from 2016 to 2020. Set in Japan during the Taisho period (1912-1926), it follows the powerful Demon Slayer Corps as they battle man-eating demons. To defeat them, they must either be decapitated or exposed to sunlight, and if their blood enters a human, that person also becomes a demon.
Amid all this, protagonist Tanjiro Kamado’s family is slaughtered by demons, and the only survivor, his younger sister Nezuko, turns into one. To save his sister and fight the monsters, he undergoes grueling training and joins the Demon Slayer Corps.
While the portrayals of the battle scenes are at times intense, the series also has moments of laughter, and plays out as a revenge tragedy and coming-of-age story for Tanjiro. There are also touching scenes portraying his wholehearted kindness toward his family and companions. “Demon Slayer — Kimetsu no Yaiba — The Movie: Mugen Train” serves as a continuation of the anime series broadcast on TV, and covers content from the seventh and eighth volumes of the original manga. In it, Kyojuro Rengoku, one of the Demon Slayer Corps’ nine most powerful “hashira” members, joins forces with Tanjiro and others to face a formidable demon.

full text:

なぜ今受ける? アニメ映画「劇場版『鬼滅の刃』無限列車編」 興収100億円を最速で突破
毎日新聞2020年10月28日  勝田友巳



#LiSA #炎 #鬼滅の刃
LiSA 『炎』 -MUSiC CLiP-

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「鬼滅の刃」 海外でも公開待ち望む声







さて、タイムスリップをしましょう。Let’s take the time-machine.

Japan of the 1930’s_2 color film

1930s film clip of parasol girls walking in the Ginza

KAGEYAMA Koyo 影山光洋 「モガ」 1928年
KAGEYAMA Koyo 影山光洋 「モガ」(MOGA Modern Girl) 1928年

おしゃれ娘 淡谷のり子、コロムビア・ナカノ・リズム・シスターズ

Youtubeで見つけられない 銀座お洒落娘 / 服部富子

super-cute N.Y.

アドバンスト・スタイル そのファッションが、人生

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NiziU 『Make you happy』 M/V

up-date 2021/6/12



高精彩複製原 GALLERY 2021
高精彩複製原 GALLERY 2021

Mamoru Hosoda: ‘Japanese anime has a problem with women and girls’
Mamoru Hosoda has bones to pick with both Steven Spielberg and Hayao Miyazaki, the other great Japanese animator to whom he is often compared.
Hosoda — whose brilliantly humane “Mirai” got an Oscar nod three years ago — has had enough of the way Hollywood treats the digital world and how Miyazaki depicts

“It really annoys me to see how young women are often seen in Japanese animation — treated as sacred — which has nothing to do with the reality of who they are,” Hosoda says, with evident frustration.
Without naming Miyazaki, Hosoda was unsparing about the Studio Ghibli founder.
“I will not name him, but there is a great master of animation who always takes a young woman as his heroine. And to be frank I think he does it because he does not have confidence in himself as a man,” he says. “This veneration of young women really disturbs me and I do not want to be part of it.”
He wants to free his heroines from being paragons of virtue and innocence and “this oppression of having to be like everyone else.”
Hosoda and Miyazaki have history. The 53-year-old was seen as the natural successor to Miyazaki after he was called in from the outside by Ghibli to direct the Oscar-nominated “Howl’s Moving Castle.” But Hosoda walked out midway through to set up his own studio.
As a director, he prefers stories that “show the good and the bad in people. This tension is what being human is all about.”
Which is why he was also drawn to bringing “Beauty and the Beast” up to date.
“In the original story the Beast is the most interesting character. He is ugly and has this violence but he is sensitive and vulnerable inside too,” he says. “Beauty is just a cipher. It is all about her looks. I wanted to make her as complex and rich.”
That duality is also there in his fascination with the digital world that began with his first hit, “Digimon: The Movie.”
“I keep returning to the internet. First with ‘Digimon’ and then with ‘Summer Wars’ in 2009 and now again.”
And he is more convinced than ever that we cannot keep dismissing the internet as the source of all evil.
“Young people can never separate themselves from it,” he says. “They grew up with it. We have to accept it and learn to use it better.”

Anime and manga fandom


ゴルゴ13×外務省 海外安全対策マニュアル(第6話)

【公式】パチスロ ゴルゴ13 プロモーション映像

Abe Mario