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アジアのアートマーケットの中心的人物:26歳のネイサン ドライ氏、新CEO サザビーズアジア (サザビーズのオーナー パトリック・ドライの息子) Key Person of Asia’s Art Market: 26 Years Old Nathan Drahi, New CEO Sotheby’s Asia (Son of Sotheby’s Owner Patrick Drahi)

Kevin Ching (seated), Sotheby’s outgoing Asia CEO, and Nathan Drahi, the 26-year-old son of Sotheby’s owner Patrick Drahi
Kevin Ching (seated), Sotheby’s outgoing Asia CEO, and Nathan Drahi, the 26-year-old son of Sotheby’s owner Patrick Drahi

I guess, everybody involved in the Asian art world, took note of the latest announcement by influential Sotheby’s Asia. The 26-year-old son of Sotheby’s owner Patrick Drahi, Nathan Drahi takes over the helm as new CEO of the Hongkong auction house.

Courtesy ササビース

Nathan Drahi joined Sotheby’s in 2020 as Commercial Officer. Based in Hong Kong, Nathan oversees business transactions and strategic projects in Asia. Previously, he was based in London and worked in private equity at BC Partners and investment banking at J.P. Morgan. Nathan received a Bachelor of Science degree in Management from HEC Lausanne, Switzerland.

Outgoing Sotheby’s Asia CEO Kevin Ching about young Nathan:
“I am more of a manager of the old world. Nathan is from a totally different world. Looking at where Sotheby’s is going and how he loves being in Asia, he should be the person to take the company forward”.

Ching, who will continue as a chairman emeritus at Sotheby’s, analyses the actual auction situation with the following statements:
When I joined 15 years ago, we were reminded not to link art and investment. Investment was almost an ugly word. Then, the world changed. As art became more expensive, a painting is not just art,” he says.
“When someone is spending US$20 million to US$30 million, say, on a piece of art, it would be silly not to ask if it’d make good investment. So to sell a painting, you can no longer just rely on the expertise of your specialists. I’m leaving at the right time. Now it’s about deals.”

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Hong Kong Spring Luxury Sales | A Virtual Exhibition Tour

Join Sotheby’s Nathan Drahi (Commercial Officer) for a guided tour through the highlights of our upcoming spring Luxury sales in Hong Kong. Nathan will be speaking with specialists from across our luxury departments about the exceptional pieces coming onto the auction block. Discover an horological unicorn in the Rolex Daytona with a ‘Tiffany Blue’ dial, marvel at a 63.66 carat Cartier diamond bangle, and step in Kanye West’s shoes with the sneakers he wore to the Grammy’s. Also on display will be a dazzling “archive cabinet” of whisky containing the complete Black Bowmore collection, a group of limited edition F.P. Journe wristwatches, a limited edition 2016 Ferrari F12 TdF car and a rare Hermès Birkin bag that will be sold in Hong Kong’s first ever handbag auction. Visit to discover more.

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