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パリ、、、とルーブル美術館ピラミッド内 特別展示 名和晃平作「Throne」 “オン・ファイア” Paris… + NAWA Kohei’s sculpture “Throne” @ Louvre Pyramid are "on fire"

パリ・オン・ファイア、右側の名和晃平作「Throne」@ ルーブル美術館ピラミッド内
パリ・オン・ファイア、右側の名和晃平作「Throne」@ ルーブル美術館ピラミッド内

パリが燃えている。Paris Is Burning.

Never seen after 1968. Without going into detail about social commentary on actual French politics, yesterday’s pictures from Paris shocked the whole world.
Via one TV news program, for a short moment, I thought that the demonstrators had put Japanese sculptor NAWA Kohei’s work “Throne” on fire, too.

後ろ、名和晃平作「Throne」@ ルーブル美術館ピラミッド内
後ろ、名和晃平作「Throne」@ ルーブル美術館ピラミッド内

That scene, for a second, let my blood freeze: Paris & the Louvre were literally “on fire”.
See attached pic.


Fortunately, NAWA’s monumental installation looked less than a mirage, alas, my fear was groundless.

名和晃平作 Throne @ ルーブル美術館ピラミッド内
名和晃平作「Throne」@ ルーブル美術館ピラミッド内
NAWA Kohei sculpture Throne @ Louvre Pyramid
NAWA Kohei’s sculpture “Throne” @ Louvre Pyramid
PEN 雑誌2018年12月15日、creator award 2018 名和晃平
PEN雑誌 2018年12月15日、creator award 2018 彫刻家名和晃平

In this regard, may I take the opportunity to introduce you one of the hottest artists in Japan.
Here’s the link to the official website of “Japonismes 2018” in Paris, with NAWA’s commissioned work “Throne”. I would have preferred to read the English title “EMPEROR’S SEAT” or “THE IMPERIAL THRONE”, as he is mentioning the word GYOKUZA 玉座. Ergo, for Japanese speaking people, GYOKUZA 玉座 means in the purest, most intimate way: “Throne of the Japanese Emperor, TENNO” (天皇、王などのすわる席).ルーヴル美術館特別展示―名和晃平-彫刻作品


Kohei Nawa “Throne” – Installation of a monumental sculpture at the Louvre Pyramid
As part of “Japonismes 2018: les âmes en resonance” to be held in Paris from July 2018, a monumental sculpture by artist Kohei Nawa is displayed under the Pyramid of the Musée du Louvre. Nawa has created this enormous floating vacant throne as an expression of his sense that information technology and artificial intelligence will eventually take place of the ultimate forces that lie behind politics and the economy. The inspiration for the throne came from the floats often found in religious ceremonies and festival in Asia.
Nawa considered their forms and contexts, and merged the gold leaf technique echoing the collection of the Musée du Louvre, with the latest 3D modeling systems, to create a sculptural piece reaching 10.4 meters high. During the six-month exhibition, this work — floating in the center of the Pyramid — invites us to consider the legacy of the systems of power and authority that have been a ceaseless presence since the beginning of civilization , and think what we can expect for the future.

彫刻家 名和晃平による大作。

 July 13, 2018 – January 14, 2019
 Musée du Louvre ( Pyramide )
・Organized by:
 The Japan Foundation, Musée du Louvre
・Sponsored by:
 The perfume house TAKASAGO
・With support of:

NAWA Kohei’s solo exhibition in Tokyo is actually running at SCAI THE BATHHOUSE.
Highly recommending!
Kohei Nawa

10 October – 8 December, 2018

名和晃平 NAWA Kohei Biomatrix
名和晃平 NAWA Kohei “Biomatrix”, detail

up-date 2020/12/11, recommending:
‘Coito Interrotto’ with NAWA Kohei 名和晃平: The Oracle through Golden Balls名和晃平/

パリが燃えている。Paris Is Burning. Attached are some “visually frightening” shots from last weekend.

シャンゼリゼ通りでデモ隊が暴徒化 100人以上けが フランス
2018年12月1日 20時44分









パリが燃えている。Paris Is Burning20
パリが燃えている。Paris Is Burning16
パリが燃えている。Paris Is Burning11
パリが燃えている。Paris Is Burning1
パリが燃えている。Paris Is Burning2
パリが燃えている。Paris Is Burning3
パリが燃えている。Paris Is Burning4
パリが燃えている。Paris Is Burning5
パリが燃えている。Paris Is Burning7
パリが燃えている。Paris Is Burning6
パリが燃えている。Paris Is Burning8
パリが燃えている。Paris Is Burning9
パリが燃えている。Paris Is Burning10
パリが燃えている。Paris Is Burning0
パリが燃えている。Paris Is Burning


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