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ポエティックな大矢真梨子「La lumière」個展 @ 南青山のagnès b. galerie 〜 poétique 〜

OHYA Mariko 大矢真梨子「La lumière」個展 @ 南青山のagnès b. galerie
OHYA Mariko 大矢真梨子「La lumière」個展 @ 南青山のagnès b. galerie

OHYA Mariko 大矢真梨子 has been presenting works in which she expresses the emotions that well up in her as “light” while confronting her own memories. The light that leaks from the stained glass windows of churches or dimly lit rooms are examples of past works captured through Ohya’s lens that evoke multilayered emotions.
The well designed, cozy exhibition space at agnès b in Tokyo’s Minami Aoyama consists of 29 works and video installations, exploring the ephemeral beauty of nature and its resilient life force.
By evanescing into a personal spirituality, capturing a mysterious dimness, Ohya succeeds in melting the contours of forms. While her subjects appear dreamlike, she visualizes the light beyond the shadows as a certain Presence Poétique. These works, each named as “untitled”, invite the viewer into a world of introspection and imagination that transcends reality, which we all experience every day in posh, trendy Minami Aoyama… 〜 which itself reflects universal poetry in motion.

OHYA Mariko 大矢真梨子 “La lumière” @ agnès b. galerie
Mar 9 (Sat) 2024 – Apr 7 (Sun) 2024 
5-7-25 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo

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