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バンクシー「愛はごみ箱の中に」aka「少女と風船」 Banksy "Love Is in the Bin" - aka "Girl with Balloon"


ダダイスム・リミックス:バンクシーのサザビーズ・オークション「自滅」作。12年前に制作した作品として、大した企画ですね。Dadaism remix: Banksy’s best work until now.
(I changed the title, because the name of the artwork had been altered.)

For the cynics among us, the latest video poses a whole new set of questions. Did Banksy practise his prank on another Girl With Balloon, or did he send a “fake” through the shredder? The video does not appear to be 12 years old, so how recently did he install the shredder? And what could that mean for the consignor’s part in all of this?

2018/10/18 up-date
Director’s cut by Banksy:

In the video posted on Tuesday entitled Shred the Love (the director’s cut), Banksy shows himself constructing the shredding mechanism inside a frame. It then cuts to the auction room and the moment of partial destruction. At the end, the video notes: “In rehearsals it worked every time …” as it shows the piece going the whole way through the shredding machine.

“In rehearsals it worked every time”, Banksy on incomplete shredding of Girl With Balloon

“It’s I think by far the most asked-about lot in the sale,” he offers. “The artist put the frame on as well. You get that quite often with Banksy; he quite likes the romanticism of having a very ornate, you know, National Gallery-esque frame.”

A world-famous Banksy artwork was destroyed in a shredder at an auction moments after it was sold for over £1million.

The “Girl With Balloon” canvas had an estimate of £200,000 to £300,000 when it went up for sale at Sotheby’s in London.

But, once the hammer went down on a winning bid of £860,000 – worth £1.04million when a buyer’s premium was added – the piece was shredded by a mechanism hidden in the frame’s base.

Stunned art lovers gasped as the piece was destroyed, with parts of it emerging in strips from the frame.

バンクシー Banksy ピカソ Picasso
バンクシー Banksy instagram screenshot

banksy. “The urge to destroy is also a creative urge” – Picasso

Banksy Shreds ‘Girl with Balloon’ Painting after Sotheby’s Auction

Immediately after the painting had been sold to a phone bidder for 1.04 million pounds ($1.2 million), part of it was mysteriously shredded, according to Sotheby’s.
“We’ve just been Banksy’ed,” Alex Branczik, Sotheby’s European head of contemporary art, said at a press conference following the auction. The painting was shredded by a contraption that seemed to be hidden in the frame.

バンクシー「少女と風船」Banksy Girl with Balloon
バンクシー「少女と風船」Banksy Girl with Balloon
Girl With Balloon

2018/10/9 up-date:

Via: Roa.‏ @roaroa_movie

Why putting £1m through the shredder is Banksy’s greatest work
Art is being choked to death by money. The only rebellion left is for artists to bite the hands that feed them – as Banksy appears to have done on Friday night
Jonathan Jones
Mon 8 Oct 2018

What happened at Sotheby’s is Banksy’s greatest work. He has said something that needed to be said: art is being choked to death by money. The market turns imagination into an investment and protest into decor for some oligarch’s house. The only real rebellion left is for works of art to destroy themselves the moment they are sold.
Banksy’s Million Quid Artwork Destroying Itself – as perhaps we should call this masterpiece of radical performance – belongs to a tradition of destruction in art that is only just 100 years old. In 1917, a porcelain urinal, titled Fountain and bearing the signature “R Mutt” in crudely daubed black paint, was submitted to a New York art exhibition. Marcel Duchamp, the man behind the stunt, is often seen as a dry, ironic wit whose “readymades” are dissected reverently as philosophical conundrums, but that does an injustice to the anger and contempt in his gesture. To call a pissoir Fountain was to urinate on high culture – and that could not be a neutral gesture in 1917. Duchamp was part of the dada movement. This deliberately reductive and primal movement – the name imitates baby talk – was begun by pacifist German draft dodgers in exile in Switzerland in 1916 and spread to Berlin, Paris and more cities by the end of the first world war.

The dadaists hated the European culture of fine art and self-conscious sensitivity that could slaughter its youth by putting them through the giant human shredder that was the western front. All sides in the first world war claimed to be defending “civilisation”. The dada generation spat on that civilisation. In his 1919 work LHOOQ (which sounds like the French for “she’s got a hot arse”), Duchamp drew a moustache and small goatee on a reproduction of the Mona Lisa. He also said he wanted to “use a Rembrandt as an ironing board”.
The problem with the anti-art tradition that started with dada’s violence against the very idea of culture is that, over the past 100 years or so, it has been assimilated into the mainstream of modern art. The sassy and slick smart alecs who are claiming that all Banksy has done is add value to his work are the latest in a long line of art-world insiders who have turned dissidence into art history. As an older man in the 60s, Duchamp was embraced by the establishment. Replicas were made of his lost Fountain. There is one in Tate Modern today.
When the auctioneer’s hammer came down at Sotheby’s and a “modern masterpiece” began to eat itself, the stage was set perfectly. Here was the art world’s moment of truth – however theatrical and multifaceted it may prove to be. Of course, this revolt will be assimilated. Of course, the market will smile and the cash tills will go on ringing. Yet for once the commodity bit back. Art turned on the hands that feed it.
In principle, all artists should do the same until the market is cut down to size and stops defining the art of our time. Most won’t, of course, for good reasons such as the need to make a living. Yet Banksy has let a little light into a very claustrophobic room – and proved he is the artist who matters most right now.

2018/10/10 up-date:

Banksy’s Hanky-Panky at Sotheby’s: Letting the Hot Air Out of Punctured “Balloon”—Part I
October 9, 2018 by CultureGrrl

But the event, however risible, is not something that Sotheby’s can responsibly make light of: If the auction house winks at vandalism of consigned property, how can it take a strong stance against others who might decide to physically attack works on its premises?
That said, the opposite course of action would be equally unpalatable: If the auction house were to seek civil damages and/or press criminal charges against Banksy (and/or whoever activated the frame’s mechanism) for what might be interpreted as an illegal act, much of the artworld would surely take umbrage.


 サザビーズは11日、細断後の作品が「愛はごみ箱の中に(Love is in the Bin)」に改称され、バンクシーの代理として作品の認証を担う団体「ペスト・コントロール(Pest Control)」の認証を受けたと発表。




バンクシーの細断絵画、売買成立 作品名は「愛はごみ箱の中に」

Banksy Girl with Balloon Love Is in the Bin
Shredded Banksy: was Sotheby’s in on the act?
As the auction house puts the work on display, visitor opinions differ about how much it knew
Sat 13 Oct 2018
Art lovers who flocked to Sotheby’s on Saturday to view the Banksy artwork that shredded itself were sharply divided about whether the auction house was aware the stunt would take place.
When the stencil print known as Girl with Balloon descended through the shredder built into its frame, technicians in the sale room immediately took it off the wall and carried it out of view as bidding concluded. Fast forward a week and the work, now titled Love Is in the Bin, is on display in at Sotheby’s gallery.

Guests queued the length of the central London gallery and out of the door on to Regent Street as the Chemical Brothers’ rave anthem Hey Boy, Hey Girl provided the soundtrack for selfies.

Sotheby’s stressed it had “no prior knowledge of this event and were not in any way involved”. Its European head of contemporary art said earlier this week: “I took it for what it was, a coup on the art world.”
Another spokesperson said: “When we asked the artist’s studio about removing the work from its frame during the cataloguing process, we were expressly told not to. We were told that the frame, which was glued, was integral to the work; breaking it would damage the work, and negatively impact its artistic value.”
Sotheby’s employees were tight lipped on Saturday. “I work in the contemporary department and we had no idea,” one said. “I don’t think we knew but we’re not allowed to say any more,” said the receptionist. “Have you got the press release?”
A spokesperson on behalf of Banksy said: “I can categorically tell you there was no collusion between the artist and the auction house in any shape or form.
“The painting had 27 confirmed bidders on the night. A reputable auction house would never encourage their valued clients to bid on something they knew would be destroyed, their credibility would never recover. Banksy was as surprised as anyone when the painting made it past their security systems.”

バンクシー 少女と風船 愛はごみ箱の中に Banksy Girl with Balloon Love Is in the Bin3
バンクシー 「愛はごみ箱の中に」aka「少女と風船」 Banksy “Love Is in the Bin” aka “Girl with Balloon”
バンクシー 少女と風船 愛はごみ箱の中に Banksy Girl with Balloon Love Is in the Bin
バンクシー 「愛はごみ箱の中に」aka「少女と風船」 Banksy “Love Is in the Bin” aka “Girl with Balloon”
バンクシー 「愛はごみ箱の中に」aka「少女と風船」 Banksy “Love Is in the Bin” aka “Girl with Balloon”
バンクシー 「愛はごみ箱の中に」aka「少女と風船」 Banksy “Love Is in the Bin” aka “Girl with Balloon”
バンクシー 少女と風船 愛はごみ箱の中に Banksy Girl with Balloon Love Is in the Bin
Banksy バンクシー 「愛はごみ箱の中に」aka「少女と風船」 “Love Is in the Bin” aka “Girl with Balloon” @ Sotheby’s
バンクシー 「愛はごみ箱の中に」aka「少女と風船」 Banksy Love Is in the Bin aka Girl with Balloon
Banksy バンクシー 「愛はごみ箱の中に」aka「少女と風船」 “Love Is in the Bin” aka “Girl with Balloon” @ Sotheby’s
バンクシー 少女と風船 愛はごみ箱の中に Banksy Girl with Balloon Love Is in the Bin @ Sotheby’s
Banksy バンクシー 「愛はごみ箱の中に」aka「少女と風船」 “Love Is in the Bin” aka “Girl with Balloon” @ Sotheby’s
バンクシー 「愛はごみ箱の中に」aka「少女と風船」 Banksy “Love Is in the Bin” aka “Girl with Balloon” T-shirt
バンクシー 「愛はごみ箱の中に」aka「少女と風船」 Banksy “Love Is in the Bin” aka “Girl with Balloon”


Jo Brooks, Banksy
Jo Brooks, Banksy’s longtime friend

The work was inscribed on the back, “Thanks Jo,” with a heart and a CND symbol. (The “CND symbol” (more commonly known as the peace symbol) was originally “the logo for the British Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament”)
Could the Jo in question be Jo Brooks, Banksy’s longtime friend, publicist, interpreter and defender?

If the seller was, in fact, the guardian of Banksy’s secret identity and his reputation, we can reasonably surmise that she was not caught off-guard by what happened. We still don’t know whether the anonymous buyer was a co-conspirator in this caper, bidding up the soon-to-be-damaged (or, as Sotheby’s would have it, reborn) work to the point where unsuspecting rivals, if any, dropped out.

Although Banksy’s “performance” might have seemed amusing at the time, it could cause problems down the road, if copycats are inspired to stage their own auction-house “interventions” or if humorless regulators take it upon themselves to cast a critical eye on this shredding of auction-house protocol.
Which brings me back to my previous characterization of Banksy’s prank as “a clever metaphor for the self-sabotaging auction houses, which, through opaque side deals, secret pre-arrangements and favored treatment for those who enter into such compacts have damaged their credibility as a transparent public marketplace where buyers can feel reasonably confident that they are paying fair market value, equitably arrived at, on a level playing field.”

What, in fact, does this gesture tell us about the art market? A notoriously secretive and very lightly regulated market, in which the identity of both seller and buyer are protected, and even exact pricing is often obscured, can easily be pranked. Here was an anonymous artist playing the system’s own code of secrecy back against it. A neat trick. It could well be another step in the overall growing movement for greater regulation and clarity. Or perhaps not….What the event does question, profoundly, is the notion of trust on which the art world runs…


Banksy New York
Fake Banksy


Banksy バンクシー Banksy バンクシー
Banksy バンクシー 東京

防潮扉に「バンクシー」の絵? 本物かどうか…都が調査へ
2019年1月17日 18時36分
社会風刺画で世界的に知られる正体不明のアーティスト「バンクシー」の作品に似ていると指摘された絵が東京 港区にある防潮扉で見つかり、施設を管理する東京都が本物かどうか調べることになりました。





Banksy バンクシー 東京 Tokyo
Banksy バンクシー in 東京 Tokyo
Banksy バンクシー Banksy バンクシー 東京都
Banksy バンクシー in 東京都


バンクシー Banksy @ 朝日新聞 平成31年1月19日
バンクシー Banksy @ 朝日新聞 平成31年1月19日
バンクシー @ 朝日新聞平成31年1月19日
バンクシー @ 朝日新聞 平成31年1月19日


バンクシー バンクシー 千葉
バンクシー @ 千葉


バンクシー 千葉
バンクシー in 千葉 Banksy in Chiba

Another Banksy-like work draws attention after one found in Tokyo
January 23, 2019
CHIBA (Kyodo) — Graffiti on a seawall resembling the work of Banksy has attracted attention east of Tokyo after another work in the Japanese capital stirred debate on whether it is a piece by the elusive street artist.
The drawing in Tokyo has sparked some excitement, with authorities saying they plan to check on its authenticity. But the work found in the coastal town of Kujukuri, which resembles Banksy’s noted “Girl with Balloon,” may end up as a disappointment.
“As it seems to have been drawn recently, I guess it may be a copy by a fan,” Yoshitaka Mori, who has expertise on the works of the British-based artist, said, while noting he has not seen the actual graffiti on the concrete seawall at a fishing port.
The drawing of a 1-meter-tall girl in monochrome and a red heart-shaped balloon was noticed by port office officials on Monday after an inquiry from a media outlet, according to the town in Chiba Prefecture.
An official overseeing the port, appearing surprised by the attention, said there is no plan to ask for experts’ judgement on the authenticity of the graffiti.
Mori, a professor at Tokyo University of the Arts, said he could not “think of any reason why Banksy, who in recent years has been busy traveling around the world and constantly producing works, should come to Japan secretly and create works.”
Banksy, whose identity is known to few, has produced works of art, including some featuring rats, on walls and other locations all over the world. In October he caused controversy after he shredded the “Girl with Balloon” during an auction in London.
In Tokyo, a drawing of a rat holding an umbrella and bag — no bigger than a sheet of office paper — was discovered on a metal flood barrier near Hinode Station on the Yurikamome train line in the bay area of Tokyo’s Minato Ward.
The Tokyo metropolitan government in January removed the part of the barrier on which the mysterious work is drawn and put it in a warehouse due to concerns that the image, which has already been shared online, may attract too many visitors.



仏 同時テロ事件の現場に描かれたバンクシー作品 盗まれる
仏 同時テロ事件の現場に描かれたバンクシー作品 盗まれる

2019年1月28日 0時17分









2019/10/4 up-date:

バンクシー 退化した議会 Devolved Parliament @ Sotheby’s
バンクシー 退化した議会 Devolved Parliament @ Sotheby’s
バンクシー 退化した議会 Devolved Parliament
バンクシー 退化した議会 Devolved Parliament

「退化した議会(Devolved Parliament)」と題された2009年のバンクシー絵画

“I call BS to compare (favorably) his art to the art of Jean Michel Basquiat as ‘street artists,’” art advisor Josh Baer wrote in his auction newsletter, the Baerfaxt, after the sale. “Look at a JMB painting vs this work, which is pretty much a poster. If your art advisor is 14 years old, and has been pushing you to also go long Kaws, then the rest of us art advisors over 30 or whatever should just quit.”
more at:

Sotheby’s Auction of Banksy’s Devolved Parliament. £8.5 million plus premium (9.8 mil all in!)

バンクシー 退化した議会 Devolved Parliament, detail
バンクシー 退化した議会 Devolved Parliament, detail
バンクシー 退化した議会 Devolved Parliament 2009
バンクシー「退化した議会 Devolved Parliament」 2009, Bristol



バンクシーが描いたとされる少女の壁画 マスク姿に 新型コロナ


バンクシー マスク姿


バンクシー 医療従事者に感謝
バンクシー 医療従事者に感謝

「あなた方のご尽力に感謝します。白黒ではありますが、この作品で少しでも現場が明るくなることを願っています」と、病院関係者(国民保健サービス NHS)にメモを残していた。

The sole splash of colour in the artwork — entitled ‘Game Changer’ — is the red cross on the nurse’s uniform, while discarded Superman and Batman figures lie in a basket next to the boy.

“Thanks for all you’re doing. I hope this brightens the place up a bit, even if it’s only black and white,” the enigmatic artist said in a note for hospital workers.

バンクシー新作が英病院に 看護師は「子供たちのヒーロー」 医療従事者へ感謝

バンクシーはなぜ「医療従事者への感謝」を風刺画に仕立てたのか? パンデミックの表現とストリートの作法
バンクシーが5月7日に発表した新作《Game Changer》。看護師の人形を手にした子供を描いたこの作品は、新型コロナウイルスと闘うサウサンプトン病院で展示され、オークションにかけられることがわかっている。バンクシーがこの作品に込めた意図とはなんだったのか? バンクシーに詳しい鈴木沓子が読み解く。

up-date 2020/6/7


2020年6月7日 8時43分





アップデート 2020年7月15日

if you don’t mask – you don’t get.

バンクシー、ロンドン地下鉄車内に新作 マスク着用促す

full text:

Banksy Hits London Subway With Coronavirus-Themed Graffiti | NBC News

バンクシー ロンドン 地下鉄 2020年
バンクシー ロンドン 地下鉄 2020年
バンクシー ロンドン 地下鉄
バンクシー ロンドン 地下鉄
バンクシー ロンドン 地下鉄 London
バンクシー ロンドン 地下鉄 2020年
バンクシー London Underground
バンクシー London Underground

up-date 2020/7/27:


バンクシー “Mediterranean sea view”, detail 2017

Banksy triptych—estimated at £1.2m—to be sold at Sotheby’s in aid of Palestinian hospital
A triptych by Banksy, which was until recently displayed in the artist’s hotel in the Palestinian town of Bethlehem, will go under the hammer at Sotheby’s London on 28 July. The trio of works, entitled Mediterranean sea view 2017, are included in the Rembrandt to Richter cross-category evening sale (estimate £800,000-£1.2m). “This work is accompanied by a Pest Control certificate of authenticity,” says the Sotheby’s website, referring to Banksy’s authentication body.
more at:


Estimate: 800,000 – 1,200,000 GBP
LOT SOLD: 2,235,000 GBP

b. 1975

reworked oil paintings in artist’s frames, in three parts. Signed on the third canvas.
ii: signed on the reverse
iii: signed
framed, i: 83 by 68 cm. 32¾ by 26¾ in.
framed, ii: 115 by 84.5 cm. 45¼ by 33¼ in.
framed, iii: 69.8 by 59.5 cm. 27 ½by 59½ in.
Executed in 2017, this work is unique
This work is accompanied by a Pest Control Certificate of Authenticity.

Painted for and displayed in the lobby of the Walled Off Hotel.
Donated to ABCD Bethlehem.

All proceeds will go towards building a new acute stroke unit and purchasing children’s rehabilitation equipment for BASR hospital in Bethlehem.

more at:

アップデート 2020年8月27日


Banksy funds refugee rescue boat operating in Mediterranean

up-date 2021/3/24

Banksy, Game Changer, oil on canvas, 35.7:8 x 35.7:8in. (91 x 91cm.), painted in 2020
Banksy “Game Changer” oil on canvas, 91 x 91cm, painted in 2020

LONDON.- Banksy’s Game Changer was sold for £16,758,000 / $23,176,314 / €19,422,522 at Christie’s on 23 March 2021, in the 20th Century Art Evening Sale. Proceeds from the sale of the artwork will be used to support health organisations and charities across the UK that enhance the care and treatment provided by the NHS. Christie’s will donate a significant portion of the Buyer’s Premium to these causes.
full text:–23-176-314#.YFsbji2ZORs

“吉本の借金王”かつみ・さゆり 爆上がりした「バンクシー」の絵「1億超えたら売るかも」

NFT-Banksy-Pranksy à la CryptoPunk 2021年8月
NFT-Banksy-Pranksy à la CryptoPunk 2021年8月

up-date 2021/11/5

Record Banksy Buyer Paid in Cryptocurrency – It turns out that the undisclosed Asian buyer who bid a record $25.4 million for Banksy’s shredded “Love in Bin” paid that sum in cryptocurrency. The buyer has a background in crypto (though they are “not particularly” interested in NFTs) and feels a kinship with Banksy’s anti-establishment sensibility. It’s a testament to the new breed of collector shaking up the market; per the Canvas, this buyer has only been dabbling in art for two years, and has never bought from a gallery.

up-date 2021/12/6

バンクシー Banksy Love is in the Air 2005
バンクシー Banksy Love is in the Air 2005

Banksy’s ‘Love Is in the Air’ to Be Fractionalized into 10,000 NFTs

“I always wanted to own art, even when I had absolutely no money—I wished I could have at least a tiny stake in the paintings that I liked.” So said Loïc Gouzer, the ex-head of contemporary art at Christie’s and a co-founder of Particle, a new NFT company that aims to fractionalize ownership of traditional artworks by converting them into sets of NFTs called Particles, thus allowing for potentially thousands of people to share ownership of certain works. After receiving $15 million in seed funding from a venture capital firm and announcing its presence as a company this past summer, that wish is now a reality.

Particle revealed on Wednesday that its first acquisition is Banksy’s Love Is in the Air (2005), which the Particle team acquired for $12.9 million at auction. The work has been segmented into 10,000 NFTs, each representing a unique section of the painting. An initial offering of Love Is in the Air will begin January 10 and run through January 14, allowing collectors a chance to purchase a Particle of the work for about $1,500. After the initial offering, the Particles will enter the secondary market across NFT platforms and there’s no telling how they might change in value.

The physical version of Love Is in the Air will be handed over to Particle Foundation, the nonprofit arm of the company that will maintain, preserve, and tour the work so that collectors can see the pieces they can rightfully claim to own. Royalties received in the resale of Particles (like all NFTs, Particles are attached to a smart contract that ensures a portion of the resale value is returned to the creator of the NFT) will be partially used to fund Particle Foundation. And the foundation will also retain 1 percent of Love Is in the Air Particles to act, as a press release explains, “as a protective shard and ensure no one person can envisage claiming possession of the physical painting.”

With the entanglements intrinsic to the fact that each Particle will fluctuate in value across a vast and changing collector base, it would be intensely complicated to ever attempt to sell the physical work. To make a comparison: For a company like Rally, which fractionalizes ownership of collectibles in a more traditional manner, the sale of an entire object or work is the only way for collectors to see a return on their investment. Currently, some 5,500 joint holders of a copy of the Declaration of Independence are voting on whether or not to sell the historical document. If they decide to sell together as a group, they’ll all get their investment returned, and potentially more.

In Particle’s case, the potential for return on investment is not a collective decision but instead something immediate and individual to be carried out on secondary NFT platforms. The downside of that is that each investor must take the responsibility of marketing and selling their asset in the volatile NFT market.

Together, Particle and the Particle Foundation have stated ambitions to create a kind of meta museum, combining the stewardship of traditional institutions with the exclusivity of a private collection and the returns and risks related to the rabid digital market that is NFT trading. The enterprise’s vision is highly dependent on its own ability to endure the challenges of this complicated matrix.

For Gouzer, the challenge is worth it for what it might mean for more people to know the feeling of owning great works of art. “Particle Foundation is going to be a museum for the people, but also by them,” he said. “It will be great to see art like that, because pure enjoyment of art is not complete until you feel you own it.”


2024/1/23 The Art Newspaper

Banksy’s shredded Girl with Balloon renamed and redated—again

Canvas that “self destructed” at Sotheby’s in 2018 was renamed Love is in the Bin by the artist’s studio—but last year it went on show in Korea with a new title and date

Banksy’s Girl Without Balloon (2021)
Banksy’s “Girl Without Balloon” (2021) @ ‘Love in Paradise: Banksy and Keith Haring’, Paradise Art Space, Incheon, Korea, 2023

It’s the work of art that keeps on giving. Banksy’s “Girl with Balloon”, which was renamed “Love is in the Bin” by the artist’s studio Pest Control after it was shredded during a live auction at Sotheby’s in 2018, has quietly been renamed and given a new date—for a second time.
Nick Buckley Wood, the director of private sales at Sotheby’s in Asia, says the auction house was alerted to the change when organising the exhibition Love in Paradise: Banksy and Keith Haring, in South Korea last August. In the catalogue for the show, held at Paradise Art Space in Incheon, Sotheby’s notes the new title of the work as “Girl Without Balloon“. “Pest Control did not explain the name change,” Buckley Wood says, noting that the retitling only came to light when the auction house began to liaise with the studio over the exhibition. Pest Control declined to comment.
In October 2018, Girl with Balloon (2006) famously “self-destructed” in Sotheby’s London saleroom after a shredding mechanism concealed within the painting’s frame was activated as the winning bid hammered down. After a week of negotiation with Sotheby’s, Pest Control renamed the half-shredded canvas Love is in the Bin, issuing a new certificate of authenticity. Under its new title and new date of 2018, Sotheby’s persuaded the winning bidder—an anonymous female collector from Europe—to complete her purchase for £1.04m (including fees). “Banksy didn’t destroy an artwork in the auction, he created one,” said Alex Branczik, Sotheby’s then head of contemporary art in Europe, at the time.
In October 2021, Love is in the Bin returned to the block at Sotheby’s in London with a £4m-£6m estimate. After a ten-minute bidding battle, the work sold for a record £16m (£18.6m with fees) to an Asian collector who was bidding on the phone with Buckley Wood. It was after that sale that the work was renamed “Girl Without Balloon” and given a new date of 2021. Sotheby’s and Pest Control declined to comment on whether a new authentication certificate was issued.
Speaking to The Korea Times last year, Buckley Wood revealed: “The new piece started in 2021, which is when the old piece was destroyed. So we can only assume that Banksy wanted to change the name because the piece is a new painting.” Clarifying with The Art Newspaper, he notes that any “destruction” of the work was “symbolic”. Buckley Wood adds: “There was physically only one work. But the change in title implies that the work changed status in the mind of the artist.”

2024/3/30 up-date

バンクシー Girl Without Balloon @  森アーツセンターギャラリ 六本木
バンクシー Girl Without Balloon @  森アーツセンターギャラリ、六本木、東京、にっぽん




テレビ朝日開局65周年記念 MUCA(ムカ)展 ICONS of Urban Art ~バンクシーからカウズまで~

主催 ICONS of Urban Art東京制作委員会

2024.3.15(金)~ 6.2(日)

一般 2,200円

一般 2,400円

一般 2,400円

一般 2,600円


Over 60 valuable artworks from renowned artists including Banksy and KAWS are arriving in Japan for the first time!

The collection of MUCA, one of the largest museums of urban art in Europe, is coming to Japan!

A large sculptural piece by Banksy and key works by globally known artist KAWS are making its first appearance in Japan.
Furthermore, the exhibition will include career defining works by internationally renowned artists: Invader, JR, Vhils, Shepard Fairey, Barry McGee, Swoon, Os Gemeos, and Richard Hambleton.

2024.3.15 [Fri] – 6.2 [Sun]
10:00-19:00 (Last Admission:18:30)
* 10:00-20:00 on Fridays, Saturdays, Holidays, Days before Holidays, and during Golden Week from 4.27 [Sat] to 5.6 [Mon & Holiday] (Last Admission: 19:30)
Mori Arts Center Gallery (52F, Roppongi Hills Mori Tower)
Advance Tickets
Adults 2,200 yen
Students (High School / University) 1,500 yen
Children (Elementary School / Jr. High) 800 yen

[Sat., Sun. & Holidays] * including May 6
Adults 2,400 yen
Students (High School / University) 1,700 yen
Children (Elementary School / Jr. High) 1,000 yen

Same-day Tickets
Adults 2,400 yen
Students (High School / University) 1,700 yen
Children (Elementary School / Jr. High) 1,000 yen

[Sat., Sun. & Holidays] * including May 6
Adults 2,600 yen
Students (High School / University) 1,900 yen
Children (Elementary School / Jr. High) 1,200 yen

* It is encouraged to make an advance booking for a designated date/time slot.
* Admissions for preschool children are free.
* By presenting Disabled Person’s Handbook or an equivalent form of government-issued identification at the “Museum & Observatory Tickets / Information” (3F, Roppongi Hills Mori Tower), admission for one disabled person will be half price of on-site admission, and free for one accompanier.

MUCA展 ICONS of Urban Art 〜バンクシーからカウズまで〜
会場[ 新館 東山キューブ ]


ヨーロッパで高い人気を誇る、アーバン・アートと現代アートに特化したドイツ・ミュンヘンの美術館 Museum of Urban and Contemporary Art (MUCA)のコレクションを紹介する展覧会を京都市京セラ美術館で開催します。



BANKSY | バンクシー
KAWS | カウズ
BARRY MCGEE | バリー・マッギー
OS GÊMEOS | オス・ジェメオス
INVADER | インベーダー
SHEPARD FAIREY | シェパード・フェアリー
RICHARD HAMBLETON | リチャード・ハンブルトン
JR | ジェイアール
SWOON | スウーン
VHILS | ヴィルズ

About MUCA:

Museum of Urban and Contemporary Art(MUCA) は2016年にクリスチャンとステファニー・ウッツによってドイツ初のアーバン・アートと現代アートに特化した美術館として開館。

Founded in 2016 by Christian and Stephanie Utz, the Museum of Urban and Contemporary Art(MUCA) is Germany’s first museum dedicated to urban and contemporary art. Housed in a disused electrical substation, MUCA is a stone’s throw from Marienplatz, in the centre of Munich.
MUCA’s mission is to integrate urban art into the contemporary art discourse and to exhibit the most celebrated artists of the 20th and 21st century. Since its inception, MUCA has become a leading authority in collection building, with a focus on housing significant works by artists renowned for using the urban landscape as part of their practice.
The MUCA collection now holds over 1,200 art works and is well acknowledged as one of the most important collections of urban and contemporary art in Europe. It has progressively expanded over 25 years to include works from Pop Art to New Realism, covering themes including art in the urban environment, figurative painting, and socio-political issues.

ABOUT アーバン・アート
アーバン・アートは、現代の都市空間で発達した視覚芸術を指し、 一般的には、壁や建物、道路や橋などの公共の場所にアートを描くことを言う。 アーバン・アートには、様々な種類があり、 グラフィティ・アート、ストリート・アート、ポスター・アート、 ステンシル・アート、モザイク・アートなどが挙げられる。 これらのアートは、都市の景観を変え、そこで生活する人々の心へ訴えかける。 また、アーバン・アートは時に政治的、社会的なメッセージを伝える。

About Urban Art:

Urban art refers to art that is created in urban spaces, specifically on public surfaces such as walls, buildings, roads, and bridges. Various types of urban art exist, including graffiti art, street art, poster art, stencil art, and mosaic art, among others. These forms of art can change the landscape of a city and often provoke emotions in people. The definition of urban art is not clear-cut, as it encompasses diverse forms of expression, but it shares the commonality of being art in an urban setting. Urban art can also convey political or social messages at times.