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ゴダールは死んでいない Godard n'est pas mort

ジャンリュック・ゴダール と Jean-Luc Godard アンナ・カリーナ Anna Karina
ジャンリュック・ゴダール と Jean-Luc Godard アンナ・カリーナ Anna Karina

1. Godard remained a difficult person until his death.
Anna Karina: Shall we go to bed?
Godard: Yes.
Anna: That’s so sad… we have to separate. You say “let’s sleep together”, but that’s not true.
Godard: No.
Anna: If you try this thing again with me, I will separate from you.

2. Godard enabling self-fulfilling prophecy of humiliation.
Destruct the film construct.
If it looked too polished, the scene had to be re-written, improvised by the actors.
“Here, read these lines and act. What will occur I’ll take.”
Godard tried hard to create a sequence in a way no other film director would allow.
Only the incomplete can be comprehended.

3. Godard, le voyeur, the observateur… using the lens to be monsterized, disfigure, possess the fragile in your persona.
Disgrace the grace.
Unsettling still in motion.
Temporal resolution, demontage in front of the confused audience.
The vulnerable protagonist being devoured by the camera.

4. 60’s. We finally understood that all civilisation, all film making is mortal, too.
I create a dying universe, therefore I am.
Sometimes reality is too complex to be understood. Especially in the context of oral communication.
The limits of language are the limits of the world – my language, your language, my world, your world. Your frame, my frame are different. My music, your music are different.
Paul Eluard’s “Je t’aime”. Literature plays a protective shield, as the now is so different from novels.
You know, I know, that the pure desire to believe in love should exist. Even if it’s over and solitude awaits.

5. Noir.
Feelings stronger than any words of love
Known or unknown
Feelings so wild and dominant
That we never thought, – were possible.
Jump & Cut.

Tokyo, 13th of September 2022, 20:58.
Mario A (with Jet & Lag.)

ジャンリュック・ゴダール Jean-Luc Godard Jump Cut ジャンプカット
ジャンリュック・ゴダール Jean-Luc Godard – Jump Cut ジャンプカット

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