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Lost in Translation: 銀座ホステスクラブ vs 銀座クラビング Lost in Translation: Ginza Hostess Club vs Ginza Clubbing

銀座ホステスクラブ vs 銀座クラビング (image photo)
銀座ホステスクラブ vs 銀座クラビング (image photo)

Japanese Prime Minister SUGA Yoshihide apologized yesterday in parliament after executives of the ruling coalition were reported to have visited hostess bars in Tokyo’s posh Ginza district late at night, defying a state of emergency because of COVID-19, that urges people to avoid unnecessary outings, especially in the evening.


You may discover several ‘entertaining’ parts in this story, as British BBC News channel reported with the title: “Japan’s PM apologises after ministers went clubbing”, see the screenshot. (A wrong picture, showing a “prostitution agency”, had been attached. Btw, apologize is the standard American English spelling. Apologise is the standard British English spelling.)
So everybody who knows both sides now imagines:
a) how those “Ossan-Politicians” went clubbing in Ginza and maybe popped some… your guess. lol
b) what do the non-initiate think about a night-club, (translate: Hostess Club) in Ginza? From my experience, even here Ossan-Politicians maybe popped some… your guess. lol. “After” アフター becomes the key-word, which means, after the club is closed, the hostess and her client may spend some more time together in a (Love-) hotel.

Well, the next amusing part is, that most Japanese don’t understand the meaning of clubbing.
Actually it seems, the word 「銀座クラビング」”Ginza-Clubbing” becomes my original creation. Copyright by Mario A. Lol.

For Japanese readers, see also a marvellous exemplary of conversation between young Japanese, one returnee from the States, the other one not knowing the meaning of “clubbing”. Courtesy and thanks to:

これは”Clubbing”「クラブで遊ぼう」という意味で使っている表現です。アメリカではクラブで友達と飲んだり、踊ったりする事を”Clubbing”と言います。”Let’s go to the club.”というよりは、”Let’s go clubbing.”という方が自然です。
ちなみに、私の独断と偏見からですが、日本でクラブで遊ぶのはチャラい雰囲気がありますが、アメリカではクラブで踊りに行くというハードルは日本より低いと思います。アメリカでは”Sweet 16″といって16歳の誕生日に、クラスメートを呼んだダンスパーティを開くのが一般的です。そのため、アメリカでは音楽に合わせて踊るのはチャラい人ではなくても誰でもやってきたことなので、居酒屋に行くノリで行くことがあります。

How was your weekend? 週末はどうだった?
– It was great, I went clubbing on Friday to xx, and spent my night there. すごく良かったよ。金曜日にxxというクラブに行って、そこで夜を過ごしたんだ。
いかがでしたか? あなたの周りの帰国子女が使っている表現はあったでしょうか?

Three days ago I pointed out to the difficult tasks translators had regarding the poem of Amanda Gorman’s ‘The Hill We Climb’.
アマンダ・ゴーマンの「私たちがのぼる丘」 Amanda Gorman’s ‘The Hill We Climb’アマンダ・ゴーマン/

Again, in my today’s writing, a wonderful, entertaining case of Lost in Translation occurred. Let’s have a laugh during our sad, precarious Corona-times, and let’s enjoy all the beautiful, funny misunderstandings in the world.

Actually it’s snowing in Tokyo, a very rare opportunity for children to build a snowman… let’s join and play around with the kids! Mata-ne!
Tokyo, 28th of January 2021
Mario A

Up-date: A Japanese Buddhist religious movement SOKA-GAKKAI related, KOMEITO politician resigns.
Kiyohiko Toyama, a 51-year-old lawmaker of Komeito, the junior partner of the ruling coalition, has decided to resign as legislator, a senior party official revealed Feb. 1. Toyama is believed to be resigning to take responsibility for visiting a hostess bar in Tokyo’s Ginza district while the capital was under the current coronavirus state of emergency. The legislator had earlier resigned from his post as acting secretary-general of Komeito in connection with the scandal.


公明 遠山清彦衆議院議員 議員辞職の意向固める

Suga apologizes over lawmakers’ visit to Ginza nightclubs
February 2, 2021
Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga has apologized to the public after three lawmakers from his own party visited two Ginza nightclubs during the state of emergency issued over the novel coronavirus pandemic.
They first went to an Italian restaurant and then later the nightclubs, despite that the government has been urging the public to avoid nonessential outings and asking businesses to close shop early to help contain the virus.
After media reports surfaced about Matsumoto going to the nightclubs, he resigned as acting chairman of the LDP Diet Affairs Committee.
One of the other lawmakers, Taido Tanose, was dismissed as senior vice minister of the education ministry, while the third member, Takashi Otsuka, resigned as a deputy chairman of the LDP Diet Affairs Committee.

深夜の銀座クラブ訪問をめぐり、自民党の松本純元国家公安委員長は1日になって、田野瀬太道文部科学副大臣と大塚高司国対副委員長が同席していたと明かしました。当初、松本議員は「1人で行った」と説明していました。 自民党・松本純元国家公安委員長:「実は、後輩議員2名とともに訪問していたというのが事実。前途ある有望な彼らに対しては、これからのこともある。何としても、かばいたい。そんな思いから『1人で行った』と説明させていただいた」 自民党・田野瀬太道文部科学副大臣:「私たち2人をかばっていただいて『1人で行った』と説明されていたのを知っていたので、本当に心苦しい思い、申し訳ない思いで、日々過ごしていた」 自民党・大塚高司国対副委員長:「松本先生がそこまで言っていただいた。だから、我々、何としてもという気持ちでいた。その中でいろんな感情が、どうしたらいいのか、どうしたらいいのか、毎日、思うような日々が続いていた」

Japanese Politics2
Japanese Politics

銀座ホステスクラブ vs 銀座クラビング (image)
銀座ホステスクラブ vs. 銀座クラビング (image photo)
銀座ホステスクラブ vs. 銀座クラビング (image photo)
BBC News Clubbing in Ginza
BBC News Clubbing in Ginza
BBC News Clubbing in Ginza
BBC News Clubbing in Ginza

(Cool shooting/editing, not Ginza but Roppongi)