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MURAKAMI Takashi Show and Freezing Mother with Baby. Kyoto’s Problematic Image. Minor, B-Class Exhibitions @ Kyoto City KYOCERA Museum of Art 村上隆個展と凍える母親と赤ちゃん。問題のある京都のイメージ。マイナー、Bクラスの展覧会 @ 京都市京セラ美術館

Cold 3rd of February 2024. Mother with baby waiting 8 hours in front of the Kyoto City Kyocera Museum of Art

I really do love Kyoto. I can’t count, how many times I visited Kyoto and stayed with my foreign friends in wonderful, traditional Ryokans in the last 40 years.
Because I LOVE Kyoto, the latest problematic circumstances at the Kyoto City KYOCERA Museum of Art 京都市京セラ美術館 are breaking my heart. This is not the Kyoto I know.

“It” all started with the solo show of extreme right wing, conservative artist IDA Yukimasa 井田幸昌 at the Kyoto City KYOCERA Museum of Art, last year.

Refer also to:
IDA Yukimasa painted a portrait of Adolf Hitler, which sold for 120.000 US$, for the Right-Wing. FUCK YOU.

The Japan Times article had been hidden, censured by 34 years old Ida, who normally posts everything about him and calls his young wife, with the extremely discriminating word, “Ofukuro” お袋.

IDA Yukimasa on X (screeshots)
井田幸昌 IDA Yukimasa on X (screenshots) // ここに載せた写真とスクリーンショットは、すべて「好意によりクリエーティブ・コモン・センス」の文脈で、日本美術史の記録の為に発表致します


‘Panta Rhei’: Yukimasa Ida is still searching for his own voice
Japan Times, 3 November 2023, by Lance Henderstein

Ida’s statement gives us only a confused description involving women’s position in society (the table is populated by what appear to be women), artificial intelligence and robots replacing humans (the supposed women are in fact “objects,” he explains); it’s a muddle of contemporary issues combined in the name of satire. What Ida’s “Last Supper” is satirizing isn’t at all clear, and the rigid, collage-like treatment lacks the primal energy and ecstatic beauty of Ida’s other works.
Like a talented musician who can solo with the best of them but struggles to write a classic song of his own, Ida seems to have chosen to rely on sampling great artists of the past, which may actually suit the current times of cut-and-paste meme culture but also feels like artistic immaturity.

With some money, the Kyoto City KYOCERA Museum of Art, lets “everyone” do an exhibition, like Ida’s. As Jerome Sans and I are close friends since over 20 years, let me assure you, that Jerome played the “pseudo-curator” for Ida’s ‘Panta Rhei’ for some extra money (plus flight, meals and accommodations in Japan) with a troublesome smile on his face.

Now let’s get to the next B-Class exhibition in the Kyoto City KYOCERA Museum of Art during 2021.

With little money, a somehow amateurish curatorial practice could be noticed with the exhibition “Bubbles / Debris: Art during the Era of Japanese Emperor (Emeritus) Akihito’s Reign 1989–2019″『平成美術:うたかたと瓦礫(デブリ) 1989-2019』展.
The curator and art critic SAWARAGI Noi 椹木野衣 received a huge amount of bad critics; the local art scene didn’t approve his “cheap” manoeuvre.

Via OZAKI Tetsuya’s FB post, I wrote the following comment:
“Thx for sharing. I didn’t see this exhibition in person, but via the internet. The title and the picked up artists groups might be interesting in their art practices, however I don’t understand why on earth we should contextualise a certain religious time calendar. “Art of the Heisei Period” 平成美術 is for the non-initiate quite misleading. A truly fucked-up title. If he thinks the period after 1989 brought debris, see his time-line-wall of historical events, the contrary has to be said. The Fall of the Berlin Wall and the implementation of the Euro brought an era of prosperity and happiness to the world, including Japan. Next, why on earth do I miss several artists, who still are much more important and influential during this era? Picking up a certain number of “artist groups”, (obviously affiliated to a certain behind-the-scene relationship), plus, I don’t regard UKAWA Naohiro as a group, manifests how the intentional, irresponsible, curational practice backfired. Ignoring for example the influential Xijing Men, Kaikai Kiki artists group (not identical with the “Geisai-festival”), shows in what dilemma the curator put himself in. Last, to be over the top, he should have had exhibited works by artists groups like NITTEN 日展, INTEN 院展 and Hakujitsukai 白日会展.”
Tetsuya Ozaki:
“Hi Mario, thank you for your provocative comment. A few words: the relationship is not “behind-the-scene”, it is obvious.”

more @
ヘルター・スケルター チェーンソーを使って、シュード・クリティック椹木野衣のファックドアップ平成美術 (笑)
Helter Skelter chainsawing pseudo-critic SAWARAGI Noi likes to fuck things up: “Art during the Era of Japanese Emperor (Emeritus) Akihito’s Reign” (lol)椹木野衣/

Finally, let’s turn the spot-light on our Japanese BIG LIAR, MURAKAMI Takashi 村上隆.

BIG LIAR MURAKAMI Takashi, American : Japanese? Currently lives and works in Tokyo and New York ?
Japanese BIG LIAR MURAKAMI Takashi. American / Japanese? Currently lives and works in Tokyo and New York ? Screenshot from artnet, 2024/2/5

Japanese art worker MURAKAMI Takashi is NOT American but Japanese. Neither does he work in Tokyo and New York. His atelier is located in the Saitama Prefecture, where he is mostly living, sleeping and working. Check his Instagram Account.
After the “2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami” he moved to Kyoto, where his family with 2 kids (?) are living until to this day.

Obviously, in this Kyoto-context, I don’t need to introduce his artistic practice, as my ART+CULTURE readers already had plenty of opportunities to get informed, see the links:

村上隆とNFT:芸術家は、死ぬまでの短い数十年間で、その後何百年も対応可能な作品を作らねばなりません。 (Part 1)
MURAKAMI Takashi thinks, to be remembered hundreds of years later, he has to join shitty NFT: “Murakami Flowers” for dumb NFT digital money speculators (Part 1)村上隆-nft-murakami-flowers/

村上隆とNFT:芸術家は、死ぬまでの短い数十年間で、その後何百年も対応可能な作品を作らねばなりません。 (Part 2)
MURAKAMI Takashi thinks, to be remembered hundreds of years later, he has to join shitty NFT: “Murakami Flowers” for dumb NFT digital money speculators (Part 2)

Symbol of “Shabbiness”: MURAKAMI Takashi, Doraemon, Fujiko Fujio, Gagosian. Art Flipper: Work of 2020 Selling at April 2021 Auctionドラえもん/

NFTs prices linked to art down 70%. MURAKAMI Takashi, today: I sincerely apologize to those who have already put in their bids, but I hope you will understand the logic behind this withdrawal, the aim of which is to later allow you to enjoy my NFT works more conveniently and with peace of mind.

村上隆:「森ビルさんや、協賛のスポンサーさん達にはご迷惑をお掛けしております が、メディアへのインタヴュー一切をお断りしております。」
MURAKAMI Takashi Refuses To Give Any Press Interview (repost from the archive 過去サイト・アーカイブの再投稿 2015/10/16)村上隆/

In Front of The Mori Art Museum, NOW! Japan’s No.1 Artist, Genius MURAKAMI Takashi’s, Made in America, Golden Bullshit Self-Portrait Sucks! ROFL!!天才村上隆/

米国ギャラリー Blum&Poeのアーティスト・リストから外された村上隆
Takashi Murakami Had Been Erased From American Gallery Blum & Poe’s Artists’ List村上隆/

今日のJapan Times。「村上隆:日本のアート・アウトサイダー、平成時代を定義した、’嫌われた’アーティスト 」。不幸な村上隆、、、
Today’s Japan Times. “Takashi Murakami: Japan’s art outsider. The ‘hated’ artist who defined the Heisei Era”. An Unhappy MURAKAMI Takashi…村上隆/

The Value of Murakami’s Works? An Unhappy MURAKAMI Takashi…

日本のアート界を駄目にした男? 不幸な村上隆、、、
The Man Who Ruined The Japanese Art World? An Unhappy MURAKAMI Takashi…

Art worker Murakami refused giving interviews for his Mori Art Museum Show (2015), and repeatedly emphasised that he will never do a show in Japan again.
He can be called a happy person, as he has a family with kids, is famous and a very rich artist and art collector (Yokohama show, 2015).

However, he treats most of his staff like slaves, and constantly complains about his personal misery on Instagram. But not anymore on Facebook or X. Check his IG. Metaphorically I can say, “every time he opens his mouth, he lies.” He plays the cool and pitiful Japanese artist who has no money.


Actually he is showing a discriminating behaviour towards the people of Kyoto, which he would not dare to try in Tokyo or Yokohama.
This inhuman, scandalous situation can be exemplarily seen now in front of the Kyoto City KYOCERA Museum of Art: “Takashi Murakami Mononoke Kyoto”. Yesterday, on the opening day, the 3rd, an immense long queue formed in front of the museum.
The first 50,000 visitors to the Murakami’s exhibition were given “collectible trading cards”, and many young people in the line had been asking for one. The card has already been resold for a high price on flea market // reseller’s apps. Most of these young people didn’t enter the museum. “Real” visitors said, the exhibition space was almost empty.

MURAKAMI Takashi on the preview day @ Kyoto City KYOCERA Museum of Art
MURAKAMI Takashi on the opening day @ Kyoto City KYOCERA Museum of Art
Cold 3rd of February 2024. Mother with baby waiting 8 hours in front of the Kyoto City Kyocera Museum of Art

On X the following scandalous situation had been made public:


【sad news】
A 3-4 month old baby was forced to stand in line for more than 8 hours in the freezing cold to receive a promo card for Takashi Murakami’s solo exhibition.

Resellers also risk their lives to resell items every day.


With the following sentences:

村上隆個展 @ 京都市京セラ美術館
村上隆個展 @ 京都市京セラ美術館





[Resale Journal]
The hot topic among resellers is the promo card (limited to 50,000 copies) that will be available for artist Takashi Murakami’s solo exhibition to be held on Saturday, February 3rd.

How much money will you make?

I would like to go to Kyoto for an interview.

If you want to see the fights between resellers, please follow and wait


【地獄】京セラ美術館『村上隆 もののけ 京都』、来場者特典のトレカが高値で売れるため、転売ヤー殺到。


[Hell] Kyocera Museum of Art’s “Takashi Murakami Mononoke Kyoto” is flooded with resellers as trading cards offered as bonuses for visitors sell at high prices.

Those who are half-hearted keep looping over and over and the interrupt line never progresses.
No one can complain about the visibly scary-looking brothers, but the police finally start calling for them to come out.






Translated from Japanese by
The guy who says he’ll sell this lol

If you want to sell it, there’s no reason to upload it to SNS 🤣

First of all, as a fan, I don’t want to give up even 1 million yen for such a treasure lol

Is Takashi Murakami for resale purposes? Despite what he said, I promised him not to sell it 😌

There are things that money can’t buy. I don’t think I’ll be able to experience something like this twice 😇







#京セラ美術館 #村上隆 #もののけ京都 #トレーディングカード #トレカ
Translate post

[Complete explanation of Takashi Murakami Kyocera riot incident]

① Around 3 o’clock in the morning, a half-grey group suddenly appears, cutting in at the front.

② There was already nearly 500 people in line, so there was no way the people behind them would be satisfied, and the venue erupted in flames 🔥

③ The police arrived and tried to persuade them, but they didn’t respond.

④ The museum acknowledges the intervention.
And the group at the front went crazy 🤣 and in the end they were thrown off and left 👐



Translated from Japanese by
It seems that resellers have decided that if they ask, they will send it by mail, so they have changed direction to the Takashi Murakami exhibition in Kyoto. I don’t mind if they don’t come because it would be better if there were fewer people, but even if it becomes possible to send them by mail, I would like them to require a medical certificate or send it out later and kill the resellers 😇


Translated from Japanese by
Art and money, or rather, Takashi Murakami feels nothing but “money.” I absolutely feel only “money”, and I don’t feel “art” at all.


今日からスタートの「村上隆 もののけ京都」楽しみに京セラ美術館に到着したのが16時過ぎ。外まですごい行列でまさかの受付終了。入場券持ってたんだけどそれでも並べず🥹

I arrived at the Kyocera Museum of Art just after 4pm to look forward to the “Takashi Murakami Mononoke Kyoto” show that started today. There was a huge line outside and the reception ended unexpectedly. I had an admission ticket, but I still couldn’t line up 🥹
Usually 18:00 → They will extend it until 20:00, but they say it is still not possible.
I heard that there were a lot of trading card resellers, so people who really wanted to see it couldn’t see it 😢



Above pics, links and texts from X are for the record and as confirmation that the Kyoto City KYOCERA Museum of Art did some bad management practice.
Art worker Murakami, who runs a company and is a rich person, says he has no money. Therein lies the main problem.
This exhibition has been planed long time ago and was constantly under severe curatorial control.
However, the exhibition is not installed with the works in question. Murakami could not fulfil the contract, ergo cheated the people of Kyoto and every foreign traveller, who likes to visit today this museum.

Murakami’s art practice that imitates other artists’ works. Full of plagiarism works, using AI (!!), to be seen also here in Kyoto.

What a shame for the Japanese art world!

In “非常に優れている企画展「Viva Video! 久保田成子展」@ MOT!”, KUBOTA Shigeko’s solo show at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, I wrote, that I want to get the Japanese contemporary artists’ practices and results elevated, reaching higher standards.

However, art worker Murakami’s practice, using also AI, destroys the Japanese art world.
The exhibitions at the Kyoto City KYOCERA Museum of Art are of minor quality, something is dangerously going towards the wrong direction.
The General Manager, TAKAHASHI Shinya 高橋信也(京都市京セラ美術館事業企画推進室 ゼネラルマネージャー), whom I know from his time at the bookstore Nadiff, probably has to rethink the concept of this museum. Basically it’s not about money. Contemporary art is NOT related to commercialism. Mothers with babies shouldn’t freeze, for 8 hours, in front of the Kyoto City KYOCERA Museum of Art.

Tokyo, 2024/2/4
Mario A 亜 真里男

2024/2/25 up-date:

MURAKAMI Takashi on the preview day @ Kyoto City KYOCERA Museum of Art
MURAKAMI Takashi on the opening day @ Kyoto City KYOCERA Museum of Art

Today’s article by ONISHI Wakato in the Asahi Shimbun Newspaper. MURAKAMI Takashi: “From now on, I don’t want to do any more a solo exhibition in Japan”

Me talking to TAKAHASHI Shinya 高橋信也, Art Fair Tokyo 2012
Me talking to TAKAHASHI Shinya 高橋信也, Art Fair Tokyo 2012

【アート講座】京都市京セラ美術館の歴史を紐解きながら、国内8年ぶりとなる個展「村上隆 もののけ 京都」についてもたっぷりとお届け


in case of censorship: below screenshot + data



37,458 views Jan 26, 2024 #村上隆 #TakashiMurakami #カイカイキキ

アーティスト・村上隆のYouTubeチャンネル第2回目は2/3から開催される展覧会「村上隆 もののけ 京都」について解説。


「村上隆 もののけ 京都」のふるさと納税はこちらから

村上隆 X: 

 / takashipom  
村上隆 Instagram: 

 / takashipom  

#村上隆 #カイカイキキ #TakashiMurakami #KaikaiKiki

「村上隆 もののけ 京都」京都市京セラ美術館 2/3(土)~9/1(日)
“Takashi Murakami Mononoke Kyoto” at Kyoto City KYOCERA Museum. February 3 (Sat)-September 1 (Sun), 2024

From the website of Kyoto City KYOCERA Museum of Art, ONLY in Japanese written, not on the English site.

2024年2月4日より、本展にて「Collectible Trading Card」を配布期間中は、ご入場の際、整理券が必要となります。
「Collectible Trading Card」(トレーディングカード)について:


Up-dates on 5th of February 2024 @ 11:33 Japan time

Screenshot of MURAKAMI Takashi’s Instagram account on 5th of February 2024, at 11 24 Japan time.
Screenshot of MURAKAMI Takashi’s Instagram account on 5th of February 2024, @ 11:24 Japan time.
Screenshot of MURAKAMI Takashi’s Instagram account on 5th of February 2024, at 11 24 Japan time
Screenshot of MURAKAMI Takashi’s Instagram account on 5th of February 2024, @ 11:24 Japan time.

from X
from X.

先着5万名様にもれなく「COLLECTIBLE TRADING CARD」プレゼント!🎁

村上が満を持して始動した初のNFT 作品「http://Murakami.Flowers」は、代表作である「お花」シリーズが、1970年代の⽇本のTVゲームをイメージしたピクセルドット24×24で表現されています。

本展では、「村上隆 もののけ 京都」だけの限定トレーディングカードを先着5万名様にプレゼント!


\村上隆 もののけ 京都/
📍京都市京セラ美術館 新館 東山キューブ

First 50K visitors get free COLLECTIBLE TRADING CARDS!🎁

Takashi Murakami has been active in a non-fungible token (NFT) art project—his first product was ‘http://Murakami.Flowers,’ a series of 24×24 pixel icons based on his iconic Flower design, a homage to the visuals of the video games in the ’70s.

The trading cards are what comes next.
Takashi Murakami Mononoke Kyoto will be offering a limited version of trading cards to visitors to the Exhibition.
This is a first-come-first-served exclusive item—50,000 in total.
Don’t miss it!

“Takashi Murakami Mononoke Kyoto”
February 3 (Sat) – September 1 (Sun), 2024
Higashiyama Cube, Kyoto City KYOCERA Museum of Art
For more information, please visit⬇️

#京都市京セラ美術館 #京都市美術館 #京都 #アート #村上隆 #もののけ京都
#kyotocitykyoceramuseumofart #kyoto #art #murakamitakashi #mononokekyoto



京都放送局 トップ
「村上隆 もののけ 京都」3日から京都市京セラ美術館で開催
02月02日 18時01分



また、江戸時代の京都の様子を描いた「洛中洛外図 岩佐又兵衛 rip」は、寺社や無数の人物の中に、花をモチーフにした独自のキャラクターが登場したり金ぱくのどくろを重ねて雲を表現したりした大作です。
「村上隆 もののけ 京都」展は3日から9月1日まで開かれます。

Translated from Japanese by
I waited for 9 hours to get in. I entered the venue thinking it would be crowded, but it was empty. There are people who just want the cards and are not interested in the work.



ありがとうございます 転売ヤー ほんとうにいい時間でした
Translated from Japanese by
Takashi Murakami exhibition, resellers just take their cards and go home without seeing the exhibits, so I was able to see the exhibits comfortably and comfortably.Thank you very much.Resellers: It was a really good time.I waited in line for 9 hours.

村上隆展、新作の《洛中洛外図 岩佐又兵衛 rip》(2023-24)が圧巻でした。
Translated from Japanese by
Takashi Murakami’s new work “Rakuchu Rakugai Zu Iwasa Matabei rip” (2023-24) was a masterpiece.
This is a 13m large-scale work that includes characters in the streets and people of Kyoto in the past.
The process of drawing the original Rakuchu Rakuchu Zu (Funaki book) using AI and drawing it by hand.

Translated from Japanese by
Another interesting point in this exhibition is that Murakami’s “excuses” are yet another work. The history of the work and explanations of how it is still unfinished are written in speech bubbles like an audio commentary.
Although it is an excuse, it is full of service spirit. I feel that there is a desire for people to understand the context, and there is also an edifying element.



Today’s bonus おまけ:

MURAKAMI Takashi 村上隆・Dob君 ジャパニーズポップをめざすぞ!
MURAKAMI Takashi 村上隆・Dob君 ジャパニーズポップをめざすぞ!