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What is this Japanese Woman thinking, actually? さて。


How much influence will she try to exert?
On whom?
For what purpose?
Does she matters in our contemporary society?
Compare my former girlfriend Ellie’s behaviour, who’s now in her 40s.

2022-4-23 Instagram by Akie Abe. 安倍昭恵、チンポ エリイ、安倍晋三
2022-4-23 Instagram by Akie Abe. 安倍昭恵、チンポ エリイ、安倍晋三 (ここに載せた写真とスクリーンショットは、すべて「好意によりクリエーティブ・コモン・センス」の文脈で、日本美術史の記録の為に発表致します。Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial-NoDerivative Works photos: cccs courtesy creative common sense)

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六本木の日本社会のディストピア・シナリオ:「セックスワーカー」ブブ・ド・ラ・マドレーヌ (@Ota Fine Arts) と「アートワーカー」チン↑ポム エリイ (@森美術館)
Japan’s Society – Dystopian Scenario in Roppongi: “Sex Worker” BuBu de la Madelaine (@ Ota Fine Arts) And “Art Worker” Chim↑Pom Ellie (@ Mori Art Museum)


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2022/5/30 up-date, only meant as an informative, news up-date. Not my opinion.:

قناة الجزيرة مباشر – Aljazeera Mubasher
20 hours ago
بعد 20 عامًا في سجون #اليابان.. الإفراج عن “فوساكا شيغينوبو” الملقبة بـ”مريم” مؤسّسة الجيش الأحمر الياباني الذي قاتل مع الجبهة الشعبية والثورة الفلسطينية
After 20 years in #Japan prisons.. The release of Fosaka Shiginobu aka Maryam the founder of the Japanese Red Army who fought with the People’s Front and the Palestinian Revolution





Screenshots from Facebook // Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial-NoDerivative Works photos: cccs courtesy creative common sense

2022/6/1 news up-date (not my opinion):


In Palestine
May 28 at 12:41 PM ·
The Japanese freedom fighter for Palestine, Fusako Shigenobu, has finally breathed freedom today after 22 years in a Japanese prison ✊🏼🇵🇸 She is now 76 years old and suffers from cancer.
Fusako once had another name. She was also known as Mariam during the 30 years she had spent in Lebanon fighting for the Palestinian cause after she founded the Japanese Red Army back in 1971. Only 26 years of age back then, justice was what she sought by every possible means, and the Liberation of Palestine from the terrorist Israeli occupation was her ultimate aim. She struggled against US imperialism and crimes around the world as well.
One of her comrades, Kozo Okamoto, was injured and arrested by Israeli forces in 1972 where he was tortured mercilessly that he spent the ramaining years of his detention suffering severe mental disorders. He was later released in a prisoner exchange between the Palestinian re sis tance and the Israeli occupation in 1985.
In the year 2000, Fusako “Mariam” was arrested in Japan following her return. She was later sentenced to 20 years in prison accused of taking part in a siege on the French embassy in the Netherlands where hostages were held demanding the French government to release a prisoner they had from the Japanese Red Army. In her trial she bravely said, “I will fight on!” Fusako has a single daughter to a Palestinian father named Mai.
Today, wearing a Palestinian Kufiyah and welcomed by her daughter Mai and many others, Fusako finally walked out free✌🏼🇵🇸🇯🇵