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キュレーター 古野華奈子氏に2021年の日本現代アート透明賞 JCATP Curator Ms. FURUNO Kanako wins 2021 Japanese Contemporary Art Transparency Prize

JCATP 日本現代アート透明賞

FURUNO Kanako is awarded the 2021 Japanese Contemporary Art Transparency Prize (JCATP), congratulations!


Japanese Contemporary Art Transparency Prize 日本現代アート透明賞のウェブサイ トより:

Main criteria in selecting FURUNO Kanako 古野華奈子 as JCATP recipient is her long-sighted curatorial practice, critically unbiased, scholarly research and systematic documentation about INOKUMA Genichiro 猪熊弦一郎, leading artist of modernism in Japan.
Giving authoritative lectures, without fear or favour, on the genre “war painting” (戦争画) and its implications for Japanese artists and their practices before, during and after war.

– FURUNO Kanako on “INOKUMA Genichiro ‘Freedom’ – The Door To Peace” (Critical review by KAGEYAMA Koichi in artscape 2017/9/15)
影山幸一:猪熊弦一郎《自由》──平和への扉「古野華奈子」artscape 2017年09月15日号
– Lecture at the Tokyo University of the Arts “INOKUMA Genichiro and FOUJITA (Léonard)” 2018/8/4
講義:「猪熊弦一郎と藤田」@ 東京芸術大学、2018年8月4日
– FURUNO Kanako “Marugame Genichiro-Inokuma Museum of Contemporary Art” in the Asahi Newspaper 2021/6/29
「丸亀市猪熊弦一郎現代美術館」古野華奈子 @ 朝日新聞 2021年6月29日