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東浩紀 氏:「ぼくにはひとを見る目がないし、人望がないようです。」 Mr. AZUMA Hiroki: "I lack analytical skills towards people, it seems, I enjoy no popularity."

東浩紀 AZUMA Hiroki Twitter 2018 Dec. 19

Today I would like to let one personal opinion be made public about Mr. AZUMA Hiroki.
Having seen Mr. AZUMA’s personal attitude for some 10 years, I wonder why he can’t reflect on his own mental state.
Fascist-like statements, arrogance in public caused everyone to shake their heads.
I experienced, while interacting with him personally, his lack of social skills, and an extremely antipathetical communication behavior.

Mr. Azuma, who left a disaster with his company, was the “intellectual backbone” for MURAKAMI Takashi’s art practice, see also the following link:
日本のアート界を駄目にした男? 不幸な村上隆、、、
The Man Who Ruined The Japanese Art World? An Unhappy MURAKAMI Takashi…

I hereby ask the official organizers of the Aichi Triennale to refrain from giving Mr. Azuma any “contemporary-art-related” work.
Said that, I wish him to reflect, take care of his mental state and physical shape.
Mr. Azuma, I hereby recommend you to make a 1-year trip around the globe as a backpacker. Open your eyes and see the world. Life goes on.

Tokyo, 2018/12/21
Mario A東浩紀

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東浩紀 AZUMA Hiroki Twitter 2018 Dec. 19
東浩紀 AZUMA Hiroki Twitter 2018 Dec. 19

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